Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Wordless Wednesday SEP 28 2016

Okinawan women doing traditional dance in street

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Spooks and Earthquakes

Okinawan legend, Japanese sign, ghost

An Earthquake Shook the Island



There's a monument stone in Urasoe, we've been meaning to locate and, today was a good day.

As legend goes, this spot is protected from damaging quakes and, we had one yesterday.

No harm was done, to anyone, I know of; the thing was miles to our north.

Some Wicked Spirits



Years ago, folks traveling along the road from Urasoe to Shuri would get spooked.

A Buddhist monk carved some scripture on stones and, buried them here.

The ghoul or, whatever it was, soon disappeared  and the place became safe.

Even when big earthquakes occurred, the ground didn't shake at this position.

Kyozuka Monument, apple, orange, incense, stone, sake cup

We had a 6.0 quake 110 km above Nago, Okinawa yesterday.

This morning, there was an elderly woman at the Kyozuka Monument.

She, confirmed for me, this is the place to pray for safety from earthquakes.

Incense and offerings at stone monument

Looking closer, I observed sake cups, incense and fruit offerings at the site.

After asking if, it would be alright to take photos, the woman disappeared, along with her cat.

coin box for donations

Off to the right of the monument, is a coin box on a pole, for donations.

Many Buddhist places, have these boxes for coin deposits; I pretended I was low on cash.

Back in the professor's car, we had a tour brochure, I wanted to look at, for something.

Based upon the scriptures, the monk buried here, you're supposed to chant something.

Remember: "Chouchikachika" or, "chouchika, chouchika" is what to say.

It can protect you from evil spirits and strong earthquakes, too !

More About Cultural Properties of Urasoe, Okinawa

Monday, September 26, 2016

50-100 People Animated GIF of the Week

School athletic meet field, participants, audience, buildings

About 1PM

At yesterday's athletic event the sky was brilliant and, I liked the lighting.

Shooting a relay race, wide angle with the lens, I decided to show some of the audience.

If you see anybody you know in this animation, contact me through Facebook.

Maybe, we can make a deal !

Sunday, September 25, 2016

No Photo Finish Required -- She Got the Ribbon to Prove It

Kin Elementary School Athletic meet and girl running with finish ribbon

GIF Created from 8 Shots

Here are some girls finishing the 50 meter dash at an elementary school event.

The athletic meet is called an undokai (Sports Day) in Japan.

No fancy electronic devices are needed, to judge the winner in this part of the world.

The gal, busted through the tape and, took the finish ribbon along with her.

Don't you think, it would be nice if, they let her keep it?

More of this Undokai may be seen in the Facebook Album 2016 Undokai.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Then and Now (Photos) Ryutan Pond in Shuri Okinawa

Black and White image of building on pond from 1920's

Photo credit: Okinawa Soba on Flickr

1920's Image of Building on Pond



It's been over 3 years, since my good buddy, emailed this photo for a Then and Now.

In fact, it was so long ago, I couldn't remember, which friend, gave it to me.

I had a print made and carry it around on a clipboard, to help duplicate the scene.

Wouldn't it be nice if, I could get some folks, to pose like that?

Ryutan Pond SEP 2016, building, bridge

September 20, 2016



Had some suitable subjects, showed up, I would have paid them to be in the photo.

That, wasn't going to happen but, I liked the way the lighting was, on this day.

Wide angle view of pond and building

The printed image, was left behind in my backpack, at the office. Groan

So, I figured the best thing to do, was take several photos, from memory.

They could always, be cropped and, I could duplicate the original, easily.

Close-up of bridge and building, Ryutan Pond, Shuri, Naha, Okinawa

Most of this area, was destroyed during the Battle of Okinawa.

The pond, was constructed during the 15th Century, for the first Ryukyu King.

The reconstructed version looks exactly like the original.

I just thought, it would be a shame, not to show you the arch in the bridge.

Visit Okinawa Soba on Flickr and, check out the thousands of photos he posts there.