Thursday, October 27, 2016

15 Photos of 2016 Uchinanchu Festival Parade

Part I

There's no telling, how many Parts there will be, to this series.

My cameras, download folders containing 500 images apiece. One folder was developed today.

Not in alphabetical order, cities, states or, countries will be shown, as they came down the street.

Okinawans from Hawaii marching on Kokusai Street, Naha


Sacramento California Kenjinkai

Sacramento California

Oregon visitors marching on Kokusai Street, Naha, Okinawa


Utah Kenjinkai, marching


Montana family in parade


Alaska members in parade


San Antonio Texas participants

San Antonio Texas

Chicago Kenjinkai parading


New Mexico Okinawa Association marching

New Mexico

Tucson Arizona Kenjinkai in parade

Tucson Arizona

New York Okinawans marching

New York

Washington DC participants marching in parade

Washington DC

Pensacola Florida in parade

Pensacola Florida

Alabama members


Michigan marching members


Standby for more in the upcoming days here and on Facebook.

Okinawan people, live in cities and countries, around the globe.

And, some return, once every 5 years, to participate in the Uchinanchu Matsuri.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

More Animations from Kin Town Special Concert

A Busy Weekend

It began Friday night in the park, just in front of Seventailz, a fancy name for a nightclub.

Catching up may take me a week or, two. Many images are awaiting processing.

There were three or four memorable performances, one being belly dancers.

Performer spinning inside a large hoop, night scene, festival

A little too large, to be called a hula hoop, I'm not sure what this may be.

The crowd enjoyed this number and, the belly dancers seemed to like it, too.

They were back inside the tent, clapping and smiling.

That guy, spinning around, was blocking my view.  Just kidding.

If you had an applause meter that night, I bet, this act, got the loudest claps.

Band and singer performing Please Mr. Postman on stage

This band, was performing the 1961 tune, Please Mr. Postman.

One guy, from the audience, couldn't hold himself back and, wanted to get in the act.

Who knows.  Maybe, he's a retired postal worker !

In the pending files, there must be another few hundred photos, waiting for me.

The dude, with the pointed hairdo, will have to wait for awhile longer.

His photos, deserve special attention and, I'll post some at a later date.

The Worldwide Uchinanchu events, kickoff tomorrow, starting with a parade in Naha. 

Something tells me, there won't be much, getting done around the office, this week.


Monday, October 24, 2016

Breaking the Photo Rules at a Festival

Festival crowd, clapping, dancing while listening to a live band

Way Too Much Action in this Animation

Keeping it simple, is one of the first rules of composition, for the photographer.

Eliminate all distractions in the background and, isolate the subject, is the ideal way to go.

Off to the left, there's a few thousand people, being entertained by a popular band.

I may have walked a couple of miles, shooting this festival from every possible angle.

It was warm and humid, with only a slight breeze blowing. Time to take a break.

Up under a white festival tent, I turned off the camera and lit up a cigarette.

Smoke from charcoal grills and the smell of sweetened soy sauce, disguise my sweaty smell.

I'm standing directly in front of a blaring loud speaker but, it doesn't phase me.

Out of the crowds, no one comes bumping into the tripod and, I can relax.

Everyone's been offering me booze and beer but, I won't drink when I'm working.

Out of my back pocket, comes a bottle of tea, I had bought earlier; it's warm now but, wet.

The guy in the fancy, black and white shirt, started dancing and chanting.

He stands out in a crowd. Put the tea away and, do some more shooting, I figured.

First, get rid of the cigarette. I pinch the hot tip off and, stomp the fire out.

The butt, goes in my pocket and if, I remember it will go in the trash, later.

They have some strict rules in Japan for smoking; don't walk around with lit smokes.

It is said, a smoker carries the fire at the same level as a child's eyes.

Why don't parents just, tell the kids, not to poke their eyes into people's lit cigarettes ?

I try to be a law abiding citizen. Only the wife gets angry, when the butts get in the laundry.

See, I don't burn little kids eyes and, my smokes don't wind up in the ocean.

Once the camera gets downloaded, I notice other things in this scene.

Everybody seems to be enjoying the act on stage or, the guy dancing with his black towel.

Look closely at the crowd. Just the gals in the lower left are doing something different.

Well, I noticed, they had an iPhone and, were doing some research on it.

There's a matsuri going on and, it seems like they are unaware. What could they be doing ?

Maybe, discussing the health benefits of prune juice, rather than stool softeners ?

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Fireworks and Festival Goers

Crowd rocking at a festival, GIF

Before the Illuminations Kickoff

It's a good idea, to start searching for a good point for low light photography.

To capture fireworks (correctly) the camera has to be held steady.

Having left the tripod behind, I was going to use an alternate method of shooting.

Twenty minutes of circling the grounds, helped me decide where I'd set up for the explosives.

Some rock and roll band was playing, their last few tunes and, I got an idea.

Instead of shooting the performers, I'd capture images of the crowd, watching them.

They don't hold still, for very long. Do they ?

Fireworks over festival grounds at night

In the lower right of the frame, are the Orion Beer lanterns hanging from festival tents.

Illuminations exploding over fairgrounds

In Japan, they call these "Hanabi" meaning "Fire flower." OK maybe. I guess.

Hanabi, fireworks, festival, matsuri

It seems like, I'm far away from the festival grounds, when you look at these images.

Actually, I was just outside the crowd, using a wide angle lens.

Rockets and fireworks in evening skies

Something tells me, there will be a much livelier display of pyrotechnics tonight.

It's the closing ceremony for this matsuri and, a very popular band is playing.

Red and ping fireworks

That means, I better take the tripod along and, do it right.

It's not a good idea, to sit on your fanny with elbows on your knees for firework photography.

Especially if, the weatherman's prediction comes true. Rain this evening ?