Friday, April 28, 2017

Up On the Roof Was the Place to Be Today

Scene on a sunny day in Kin Town, GIF

Seven Images GIF

When I left the house, with my gnarly toe, I promised, not to go hiking.

It was a nice warm day and the sunshine was irresistible. What could I do ?

No one was watching so, I took a tripod and camera up on the roof.

It was placed where, I could get a few hours worth of photos to create a time lapse.

Mexico Was Next On the Agenda

There are some classes at the Travel Agent Academy, I figured I try doing.

First, there was this tour leader named Iggy, giving me all sorts of information.

He gave me the Mexican experience I would need to be a Cancun specialist.

This dude was tough. Pop quizzes, no problemo. The final exam was a doozy.

Good thing I had the camera up there, where I could get away, every few minutes.

First time I failed with a 66% and, I thought that was bad.  Cool off.

It takes 31, various-sized steps, to reach the roof from my office. That was good.

They ask if, I would like to review and, start the course over again. Yep. I ain't no quitter.

Well, they had some trick questions. Next time, I only scored 33.  Grr. Yes, I want to test again.

Cancun Mexico certificate, Travel Agent Academy

With all the quizzes and finals, I must have made ten trips, up and down the stairs.

My legs got a little workout and, I guessed enough correct answers, to score 100% !

Part II of Presidente Intercontinental

Estrella led the tour and, she was much more friendly. Her name means, star in Spanish.

That was kind of neat. She reminded me, how to talk in Mexico. That could come in handy.

It might help me, strike up a conversation with the Mexicans someday.

The pop quizzes, weren't too difficult and, I passed the final, first time around.

There's no sense, bragging about my score because it was less than, 100% but, good enough.

Certificate of completion, Cozumel, Mexico

Cozumel, Mexico looks like my kind of place to vacation.

The beaches have white sand, just like we have around here only, they have more bars.

In case, you were wondering, why I'm doing Mexico, I'll tell you. Senoritas !

Nah, just kidding. Presidente has some resorts in Japan, as well.

So, I got my foot in the door and, will probably take some more Mexico classes later.

Way back when, I did some travel in Mexico and, even know a sushi chef down there.

Grand Finale



Every time a Pop Quiz popped up, I got nervous and, ran back upstairs.

Between quizzes, final exams failed and passed finals, I got lots of exercise and photos.

There were twenty images in the camera, when I got through with the academy.

So, I loaded them up to YouTube and found a little tune for this slide show.  Enjoy !

Thursday, April 27, 2017

They Predicted Rain - I Went to the Travel Agent Academy

Certificate Japan Travel Specialist Master's Course

All Part of the Master Plan

The weather gurus were a little bit off with the forecast today but, it didn't kill me.

Up bright and early, I checked the weather channel and, it wasn't looking good.

The rain was supposed to start at 7:30 so, after breakfast, I went back to bed.

Somebody poured way too many beers down my throat last night.

By 9AM, I was stumbling around, as usual, in and out between the garden and kitchen.

And, whacked a toe on something sharp. Ouch, I almost cussed.

The wife noticed the blood, all over the floor. It was probably an hour, after the toe got cut.

So, I told her, "Check the stupid dog. He probably did it."

Before long, it was discovered, my little toe, was where all the blood came from.

Everything's fixed and patched up, now. Maybe, I'll buy her a steak dinner.

Next, I promised there wouldn't be any strenuous exercises or drinking done today.

Leaving the house, I told her and the dog, I was going to school.

Japan Travel Advanced Master

It's not really like graduating from some elite university, with a Master's Degree.

Heck, I've lived over half my life, in Japan. It should be a breeze, for me.

It was a little tricky, though. They made me do the basic course, all over again.

That was completed a few years ago and, I guess, my certification expired. Groan.

It took about two hours of testing, to get me certified so, I could go to the next level.

That series of quizzes and final exams, took another four hours.

It was worth all the effort.  Now, I get access to all kinds of hookups, throughout Japan.

It kept me indoors, most of the day. Now, it's raining and, I forgot my umbrella.

Here's the Plan

No heavy lifting or hiking was what I said, as I left for the office this morning.

Something I saw on the internet, gave me this idea.

Take a yoga mat and place it close to a wall.  Lay down with the feet, propped against the wall.

It's supposed to be good for relaxing and, get blood, back in your brain.

Then, I'll get some takeout steak dinners and, ride a taxi home !

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Melody Road Got Me Thinking - What a Beautiful Day !

Melody Road Sign

Little Confession First

Always busy, doing something, I don't spend as much time, hunting thieves, as I should.

There's a service I use, called Digimarc which, tracks any photos I post on the internet.

They get about 100 bucks a year, to help me nab folks, who think my images are for free.

It's nice, to think people are honest and, I still believe, most humans are, that way.

Well, I got lazy and, haven't checked Digimarc for a long while. GUILTY !

Three Companies Swiped this Photo

Some photographers would become highly enraged to learn their images were being used.

We're talking about businesses taking images and using them commercially on their websites.

There's a road in Japan, that makes music, as you drive over it and, I SELL ASPHALT.

LOL I got to thinking and, had to dig up this tune on YouTube:

Kind of a goofy old tune from the movie Oklahoma but, this melody is what, I'm singing.

It really is a beautiful day outside and, I don't want to write some long legal letters.

So, I sat here smiling and typed up some real simple letters to the criminals.

"Dear Sirs, I am the copyright holder of that photo, taken on Melody Road in Okinawa.

We can discuss payment for the licensing of the image via (My email address). Classified.

If, my photo is on your website, any longer than, the next 48 hours, I hope you're doing well.

Hopefully, business is fantastic and you are some sort of millionaire. YAY

Because, my attorney and I, are gonna get a bunch from you."

For the Spanish site, I added something a little extra:

"Contact me and, we can discuss payment in English or Spanish.  My Spanish is horrible.

But, the lawyer dude, on vacation at the moment, can handle your language, just fine."

Melody Road in Futami, Nago, Okinawa

It's been a few years since, I've rode along with someone on that highway.

The last time, was with the wife and, we got stuck behind someone driving too slow.

The recommended speed is 40 and, they were only doing 20 kilometers per hour.

The wife said the tune sounded like me, when I'm drunk and singing karaoke.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Lunch on Ikei Island -- What an Experience !

AJ Resort, dining,Hibus Restaurant

Would They Even Let Us In ?

Out doing some research on outer islands, today it suddenly became lunchtime.

Doc and I had been kicked off one beach because, we didn't feel like paying for parking.

Some resorts can be pretty snooty. Dontcha think ?

This place had two (unattended) guard shacks with signs warning, "Hotel Guests Only."

"Let's go, Doc. We'll tell them, we're guests. Why else, would we be here?"

At the Hibus Restaurant, we were greeted and, got permission to enter.

Seashore scene outside restaurant, picnic tables, trees

The first customers, any table inside the place, was ours for the asking.

So, this ocean view was selected, where the scenery was nice and, air-conditioning felt good.

Normally, you don't catch me, going into some five star resort, to grab a meal.

The menu had all sorts of items, you could select from and, prices, weren't too outrageous.

Large Roast Beef Submarine Sandwich set

Earlier in the day, on another island, I laid my flip-flop on the road, to shoot a photo.

It gives the viewer a sense of scale. The snake, was easily four times the size of my shoe.

That, you'll have to view, some other time. It would ruin your appetite, I bet.

Anyhow, I thought of placing one of my footwears, up there for this image.

But, it was sorta a high class place and, they might have gotten upset with me.

That roast beef submarine sandwich, was probably larger than one of my feet.

It cost 1,945 Yen, which is about twenty bucks. It filled up two of us.

Talking about it, I think it was the first time, I had eaten a roast beef sandwich in a long time.

As a matter of fact, I don't think I've ever had one on any Okinawa island, before.

Doc and I, will probably be going back, to visit the AJ Resort on Ikei Island, again and again.

Our little ladies probably, wouldn't enjoy it because, they're always on diets. Hah.