Thursday, October 21, 2021

OCT 2021 Full Moon Appeared Over Okinawa

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It didn't peek through the clouds on schedule. The full moon was supposed to happen last night.

However, the big orange ball appeared in the sky briefly, at 7:01 PM.

Standing on the roof of my house, I got a quick shot before clouds covered it again. Amen.

This Ain't the Moon!

 Update on Volcano Eruptions

Uncooperative weather has canceled my full moon photography for October.

Mount Aso, in Kyushu, Japan blew its top and sent us these floating rocks.

Another one (underseas) at the Ogasawara Islands (near Iwo Jima) sent plenty more!

Many of our beaches are covered with pumice stones.

The ocean tides delivered volcanic pumice stones to beaches throughout the Okinawa islands.

Have you ever used a pumice stone to grind down callouses on your feet?

Well, I had to kick off the flip-flops and walk on the stuff, to see what it feels like.

This isn't some thirst trap; it's to give you a sense of scale. Ladies, GET BACK!

Here's what a size 12 left foot looks like in pumice stones on the beach.

The lightweight stones didn't fall out of the sky, where they might hit us on the heads.

They were delivered here by the sea.  Kyushu is over an hour's flight time from here.

What appears to be black sand in the lower part of this photo, is volcanic pumice.

We discovered this treasure at Uza Beach on the northern tip of Okinawa island.

A bag was filled with stones, to show the wife the floating rocks TV news was broadcasting.

Gardening with Pumice

Back at home, I did some research and learned about other uses for pumice stones.

We just might have to return to that beach and fill buckets with pumice stones.

Until last night, I never heard about using pumice stones in planters and gardens.

They call them soil amendments and, you can even throw the stuff into compost piles!

Decisions, decisions, buy garden pumice online or, go to the beach and get some FREE?

Don't Panic

Friends, relatives, people around the globe don't worry about us in Okinawa, Japan.

The volcanic eruption at Mount Aso is no big deal. We're all fine.

If you need some stuff to worry about, I'll show you volcanoes going off around the world.

The map shows volcanoes blowing their tops in RED!

Screenshot courtesy of  Volcano Discovery.  Visit them HERE.