Thursday, June 29, 2017

Travel Transportation Shot: Queen Zamami

Ferry at Tomari Port boud for Zamami-jima

Visiting Outer Islands

Just a quick post before the laptop gets thrown in my backpack.

The cameras and lenses are packed away for a three day excursion, off this island.

Weather permitting, it will  be a blast and, I'll return with 100's of seagoing images.

For sure, all the sailing sabani crews, are praying for calm seas and blue skies.

WiFi service may be a little tricky, at times so, I may not be able to post every day.

This will be by 5th year in a row, taking photos of the sabani races.

Previous Sailing Sabani Race photos may be seen by typing "Zamami" in the search block above.

If, for some reason, the seas and wind, don't cooperate, I'll try something different.

Maybe, take some photos of museums and nightlife, for a change !

Photo Location: Tomari Port Naha, Okinawa, Japan

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Kin Town Garbage Truck Got Me Thinking

Trash collection truck, Kin Town, Okinawa

Honor the Profession

They way I look at things, the guy driving the garbage truck, deserves a lot of respect.

The guy driving that truck, gets a wave and smile from me every time we cross paths.

He waves and smiles back. He knows, I'd give him the shirt off my back and, he'd do the same for me.

Everyone, around the globe should think, the way I do, about these hard workers.

There are politicians and preachers involved in the garbage industry, as well.

They work in a different aspect of the industry. Let's call it "distribution."

Whereas, the guy down on the street, is involved in the "collection" aspect of the business.

Don't you think, they should all be paid equal wages ? 

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Booklets Gathered from Okinawa Prefecture Archives

History, culture and aerial photos of Okinawa

A Wealth of Information

A visit to Okinawa Prefectural Archives netted me a few pounds of booklets.

These items, written in English and Japanese, are available for free to the pubic.

It helps if, you speak a little Japanese or, bring along someone, to assist with translation.

Anyone who knows me, can attest that, I'm a fairly boisterous character.

The place, has sort of a library atmosphere so, I asked two adults, to enter first.

They speak in normal (soft to me) volumes and, broke the ice before, I entered.

Photography Is Permitted

Many establishments, such as this, do not permit photography.

This facility will let you use a camera, with one exception - NO FLASH.

Many of the items are enclosed in glass cases so, flash wouldn't be a bright idea, anyhow.

Hundreds maybe, thousands of classified/secret documents and messages, may be viewed.

Most of them pertain to the war or, the administration of the Ryukyu islands, afterwards.

Of course, these days, they are no longer considered classified materials.

A few of the Secret files, I took photos of but, ain't showing anybody because, I feel guilty.

Materials Gathered

Top center in the image above, is the only item which was unnumbered.

It contains over 200 pages of information and images depicting Okinawa's history.

Title: Okinawan History on Record Archives as Evidence of Change

Especially important, to me is a scroll, handwritten letter from Kanemaru to the Shogun.

Kanemaru changed his name to Sho En, when he became the king of the Ryukyu islands.

He wrote, thanking the Shogun for a sword, gifted to him.

Sho En is someone, I have a special interest in and, have been tracing his history.

From his birthplace, travels, reign as king, to his burial, I have been researching his past.

Heck, I even know where the other end if his bellybutton (umbilical cord) was buried.

Any Okinawan, whose umbilical cord wasn't saved, may have a problem.

Either, their family doesn't follow tradition or, they might have been born ugly !

Book #2

Minatogawa Human Remains and Paleolithic Okinawa

This is a 55 page booklet filled with archaeology, human, animals bones and fossils.

Book #5

The Battle of Okinawa: Views from the Air

Airbases Photographed by US Forces Before and After the Battle

Fifty pages of images taken of airfields the Japanese had built throughout the islands.

A total of 18 airfields, were constructed during 1944, in preparation for the war.

Okinawa was to become an "unsinkable aircraft carrier" in the defense of Japan.

Book #8

The Edo-nobori Ceremony and Triangular Politic

A 72 page, illustrated booklet, depicting envoys from the Ryukyu islands to Edo.

Ships sailed to mainland Japan, bringing island royalty to pay tribute to the Shogun.

Ryukyu formal attire, resembled that of Chinese clothing, distinctly not, Japanese.

This resulted in delegations appearing as foreigners, to the northern neighbors.

Book #10

Okinawa's Recent Past: Views from the Air

Aerial photographs of central and southern Okinawa Island taken by US Forces in 1945

Black and white stereo photography dated JAN-APR 1945

A 79 page booklet of B-29 flight coverage from Ishikawa south to Itoman.

Book # 11

Okinawa's Recent Past: Views from the Air II

Aerial photographs of northern and central Okinawa Island taken by US Forces in 1945
Another 79 pages of images from Yomitan, Onna-son, Ishikawa, Kin, Nago and Motobu.


These printed editions are certainly collectibles and, will surely be out of print.

There are no, ISBN numbers on any of the book jackets; supplies will become diminished.

And, I doubt the Prefectural Board of Education plans on printing more.

Military photography was accredited to U. S. National Archives and Record Administration.

If, you cannot visit the Okinawa Archives, I haven't got time to help you.

There are more important things for me to do, such as chasing bellybuttons !

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Late Night Interviews and Watashi - Bad Mix

A Gal Walks Into a Bar

Friday night found me, starting off in a noisy Brazilian bar um, drinking beer.

In came an Okinawan friend of mine, with some young lady, I had never met before.

Some soft conversation (which I couldn't hear) took place and, he left her with me.

From the little bit, I could figure out, she was a freelance writer, wanting to do an interview.

Fluent in Japanese (because, that's where she's from) I tried finding this on my iPhone:

Ryukyu Shimpo newspaper article, interview, Japanese

It was an interview, the Ryukyu Shimpo newspaper had done on me.

All in Japanese, I figured it would make things go much smoother and, I wouldn't need to talk.

But, whenever I get to drinking things like this, fail to appear on my cell-phone.

Today, I dug this up, out of my files and, am posting it, just for the heck of it.

The gal doing interviews, got someone else, to talk to and, I went back to drinking.

Along came a Brazilian friend and two gals and, we drank, talked and, generally had fun.

Pretty soon, along came the wife, who had been merrymaking in another bar.

Everyone got introduced and, off we went, to do a bit of barhopping.

At the next two stops, the "interview gal" showed up again but, I never got interviewed.

It's probably best, to talk to me, when the sun is still in the sky, not in a bar.

It was good to hear, from the wife, that this gal, was very polite and sincere.

In my case, I want to make sure, I don't get questioned, by someone with an axe to grind.

They have Pro-USA and Anti-USA folks, funded by groups, to interrogate Americans.

Politics, is something I avoid whether it's national or international. They are all funded.

The last time I saw the gal, she asked me if, I'd be out Saturday night, for an interview.

Maybe, I don't know.

National Geographic Traveler Blog

Online Profile

It seems like a good idea, to create an iPhone accessible profile, for writers.

The gal, wanting an interview, couldn't access much about me on her smartphone.

And, I couldn't figure out how to show her, much about, where I've been published, either.

Tonight, I shot a photo of this old, Intelligent Travel article, I had done.

It just shows a bit from the National Geographic Intelligent Travel Blog.

Webmasters come and go and sometimes, links get broken, as happened to the article above.

Luckily, I shot and framed the headline of that article and, still have the story.

It can be tweaked, touched-up and, sold somewhere else, as an original story.

Some background, about this site, has been posted on this blog.

Tonight, I'll make a quick stop, at a few watering holes and, see if, that gal is still out there.

If, not maybe, I'll have a few beers and, tell everyone, I'm sorry I missed her !

Friday, June 23, 2017

Animation: Tattoo Artist at Work

GIF, Tattoo, Okinawa

One I've Never Done Before

Today's photography took place inside a tattoo parlor and, it was an experience.

In the past, many of my friends, went to get their bodies inked.  Not me.

It used to be, folks went into some dark and dingy, back room to get tattooed.

These days, the places are more like hospital operating rooms.

Everything is spotless shiny and, this room had three operating tables.

The staff, talk to the customers and, sound just like real doctors.

I was thinking, the people would be chewing tobacco and poking people with sewing needles.

They have some fancy ink guns that hum and, disposable ink cups for each client.

The only alcohol in the building, is the stuff they use for preparations and cleaning.

Camera: Pentax K1

Lens: Pentax 15-30 at 21MM

Exposure:  f/2.8   1/160   ISO 800

Location: The Roots Tattoo, Kin Town, Okinawa, Japan

Date and Time:  JUN 23 2017  7:21 PM

PS  That's not me being tattooed. I'm shooting the camera.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Cloud Therapy on a Hot Day in Kin Town

Summer's Here

Rainy season has officially ended in Okinawa, Japan and it's sweltering hot.

Trying to be thrifty, I'm holding-off, turning the air-conditioners on to keep cool.

Just a few fans in the office and at home have kept things comfortably cool.

Last night, I went out to see how the AC was working in a few bars.

It's much nicer, when someone else is footing the electric bill.

Along came some (what you might call) explosive people and, I enjoyed their company.

We had so much fun and, drank so much beer, I sort of floated home.

The result , was something like, I didn't go to work until around noon today.

A project I'm working on, kept me tied up at the office all day.

Every time, I stepped out the door for nicotine replacement purposes, I looked at the sky.

It would be criminal of me, not to capture some photos of today's skies.

So, between 4 and 5PM, I got up on the roof with a camera and tripod.

About 48 of the photos, taken today were made into this slideshow.

The processing of images for the task, I was supposed to be doing, can wait for another day.

It's time for me, to go check out the bars again and, make sure nobody's exploding.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Whether You Like It or Not

tiled-roof,Okinawan home;traditional,sky,clouds

Weather Will Change

Groan.  Not enough sun rays have been coming my way, the past few days.

Maybe, I'm one of those solar-powered creatures. I don't know.

A gallon of milk or a handful of Vitamin D pills, won't do the trick. I need sunshine.

Usually, I get some people to smile, on my walk to work. That didn't happen today.

Even homeless folks, know better than, to walk around smiling, in this kind of weather.

Well, I walk around smiling, anyway but,  there's nobody out there, to smile back.

Feeling kind of miserable, I decided to pull this old photo out of the files.

Maybe, it'll brighten up someone else's day, too. Blue skies help.

And, looking forward to the end of the month, I'm sure the sunshine will be back again.

 Little Confession

Normally, I don't go around stealing things. Maybe, this wasn't really theft.

We won't discuss the location just in case, the statute of limitations, is still in effect.

There was a pile of books, several piles of books, stacked in boxes.

They were in a hallway and, nobody was around, looking. So, I got to looking.

Two of the books, on top of a pile, were identical.  Imagine that.

Now, this wasn't outside some bookstore. And, they looked like old books, mind you.

It wasn't as if, they were all brand new and wrapped up in cellophane.

The two book covers, were identical, sort of maroon colored and, had the same title.

So, I got thinking, "Nobody reads two books at the same time." And, got me one.

From watching enough movies, I knew how to get away with the crime.

Don't let anyone catch you and, you stick the thing inside your pocket, quickly.

World's Most Depressing Book

The title of this masterpiece, won't be revealed, for legal purposes. Statute of Limitations.

 I can tell you it was written by some doctor and, the subject was, "Depression."

The guy started off, saying stuff about how, he didn't believe in depression.

Then he got into chapters two and three. He got depressed and, says, it can happen to anyone.

The more you read, the more depressed you get, until it becomes "Crippling Depression."

The sick bastard doctor was, crippling me with depression, reading his damn book.

Maybe, that was his plan. Get lots of people, to by antidepressant drugs from him.

Anyhow, I never made it through the third chapter. And, never swiped a book again.

See, I cured myself without, taking any medication. No more kleptomania.

Grey Skies Make Me Blue

If,  I wake up to another dreary sky day tomorrow, I'll find a way to make it better.

There has to be something I can do, to get depressed folks smiling.

If, saying, "Good morning" and smiling, doesn't work, I'll think of something else.

Maybe, walk in my underwear, with my trousers tied around my neck. That may work.

What would be even better, is to see the sun come out !

Monday, June 19, 2017

Sports Fans and Olympic Trivia Fanatics Visit Kayo

1964 Olympic Torch Monument in Kayo, Nago, Okinawa

1964 Olympic Torch Monument

Credit for this find must be given to someone else. I don't read rocks very well.

At least a dozen times, I've been here and, even spent a night on the beach in Kayo.

A Japanese TV show, Doc had watched, mentioned this Olympic Monument.

So, we decided to see if, we could find it, on our weekly camera excursion.

Pedestal equipped to hold Olympic flame

Based upon, what the television showed, this was a landmark, we had been searching for.

There's actually a propane gas line, hooked up to that pedestal.

If, you climb the stairs and look inside, there are lava rocks and a gas burner.

Olympic written in Japanese on rock

We're no experts, at reading Japanese kanji but, we both could read some of this rock.

Olympic and fire, were some of the things, we could make sense of, in the engravings.

It's always best, to talk to locals, when a discovery like this if made. Just for confirmation.

When, I spoke to a shopkeeper across the street, I was hoping to find some old documentation.

He didn't have anything but, confirmed, the fire gets lit, once every four years.

Some Official Sources

Normally, I would go to the local kouminkan (district office) for more information.

But, it happened to be closed. That's because it was a Sunday. Then, a light came on.

Maybe if, we drove over to the Nago Museum, it would be open and, they could help.

photos from a Japanese historical text

Nago Museum, never fails, to give me information, directions and, guidance.

Once they knew, I was looking for 1964 Olympic Torch information, they dug it up.

Old photos of the torch procession and passing the flame, were provided.

photo of 1964 Olympic torch procession in Nago, Okinawa

Here's an image of the 1964 Olympic Flame passing through downtown Nago.

It cost 10 yen, which is less than a dime, for them to reproduce these copies.

Back in those days, I was still finishing high school and, wouldn't see Okinawa until 1966.

The Ryukyu Islands were under administrative control of the USA.

The Japanese flag (Hinomaru) wasn't permitted to fly, except on holidays.

The Olympic torch passed through the islands on Monday the 8th of September.

A typhoon had delayed the arrival of the torch, on Okinawa, by one day.

To avoid delay in the Olympic torch's arrival, to the mainland, the fire was split in two.

One flame was delivered to Kyushu and, the other, sent here.

The flames, were reunited in Fukuoka, Kyushu on the 11th of September.

For those folks interested in Olympic Torch Trivia, there's lots more at:

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Stop and Think: How Many Characters Named Donald Do You Know ?

Donald Duck in a pottery store

Pottery District of Naha

Down in the district know as Tsuboya I ran across this scene one day.

A Donald Duck doll was taking up space at a table, where I wanted to sit to eat.

Not many yachimun (pottery) shops serve food but, this one had a small menu.

The name of the place slips my memory at the moment. But, the curry was unforgettable.

Photo Comes in Handy Today

The little, flashy dude stands out among all the ancient-looking urns, vases and shisa.

Anachronism, might not be the best way, to describe this scene.

The clay pottery sells fairly quickly, from those little shops in Naha.

So, the stuffed character is as old or older than, those items. I'll post this blog and share it.

It will hit a wider audience over on Facebook and, I'll ask two Questions.

1. Does anyone know the name of this pottery shop ?

2. How many people, do you know named, Donald ?

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Likeable Lichen of the Year: Facts and Photos

Old Man's Beard, lichen, tree

It Resembles Spanish Moss

Twice, I visited Yohena Gardens this month and, that plant caught my attention.

Researching it, didn't take long because, I shot a photo of the tag, hanging from the specimen.

Saruogase (サルオガセ) was the name written in Japanese.

With that information, I plugged into a Japanese search engine and learned plenty.

Old Man's Beard lichen mounted on a coat hanger in a tree

Botanical Name: Usena

Common English: Old Man's Beard

Japanese Name: Saruogase (サルオガセ)

Native to: Just about any forest in the world

Uses: Medical Herbalism, Fire Starter and, To Scare People

Herbalists, Scientists and Witchdoctors

Remember this first: Just because I research it, doesn't mean I am a doctor.

The hairy looking plant has been used by Europeans, Native Americans and Chinese.

If, you want to drink some concoction or, stuff it up holes in your body, follow the links.

Some references, I trust, others we, can't be too sure of. They could be quacks.

At the Medicine Woman's Roots, learn how to make teas and tinctures.

Conservacion Patagonia News, reports, the antibiotic plant, treats lung infections.

Eat the Weeds and Other Things to, nibbles on it for carbohydrates and Vitamin C.

Gardenweb Forums has terrestrial information on growing  Usena.

The Herbalist's Path, gives a world history of the plant's usage as a food and medicine.

Ladies with yeast infections, at Susunweed, learn how to, add this to vodka, for treatments.

Northern Woodlands, reports the plant is stronger than penicillin.

Safety Issues, concerning internal usage of the herb, are addressed HERE.

Sustainable Homesteading, gives internal and external uses for Usena.

Those wishing to visit a Japanese Website, may want to check Mountain Wildflowers.

Some mountain folks, claim the herb is used to treat hysterical women.

And, it can stop men from cheating, too !

Armed with All this Information

Some conclusions, come to mind. I'll ask Yohena if, I can take some Saruogase home.

Sounds like it would be nice, to have some hanging from a tree in the garden.

It helps remove pollution from the air and, would be a good treatment for wounds.

Internally, I would probably, never use the stuff. Maybe, test it on the dog.

Women who get yeast infections, that's something I think, they could fix, without this plant.

Just remember, to always buy your yeast from a reliable source and, it shouldn't get infected.

Ask any dude. We get all our yeast from beer and, never get yeast infections !

Monday, June 12, 2017

Rainy Days in Okinawa - Go to School in Mexico

Magic of Mexico Specialist Certificate

It Was Virtual Travel

When I departed the house this morning, I told the wife and dog, what I'd be doing.

The weekend was a brutal one and, I'm still recovering from the escapades, which took place.

It looks as if, we're scheduled to have downpours, thunder and lightening for the next few days.

Ideal weather for leaving the cameras locked up and, visiting the Travel Agent Academy.

Mexico is an alright place to visit and, I've been there a few times, over the years.

To get this certificate, I got to see, every nook and cranny of the country.

Geography, culture, history and, all the major tourist attractions, were some of the items.

A little bit of Spanish, is always thrown in the mix because, it's important.

People can't just yell, "Hancho" and, think they'll get a taxicab, like some folks do around here.

Most places, around the world, "Taxi" will get you over. I won't teach you Spanish.

The hardest part of this course, was all the Mayan and Aztec words, I had to memorize.

Then, as soon as, I pass all the tests and get my diploma, you can guess, what I do.

It's a simple as erasing an SD card from my camera. Delete everything !

If, anyone needs information about Mexico, I've got it, stored on an external hard drive.

And, the Mexico Tourism folks, gave me access, to anything else, I may need in the future.

Normally, I wouldn't go out drinking on a Monday night and, I never drink Tequila.

However, I feel it's appropriate, to stop by one of my watering holes tonight.

Order up a round of Jose Cuervo for me and the barkeeper.

And, say Salud !

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Guy in a Green Hat Walks into a Bar

Elderly gent singing karaoke, GIF

Not Seen in Okinawa Everyday 


Those John Deere caps are scarce and treasured items, in this part of the world.

And, I've never met a person, wearing one who I wouldn't consider a friend.

Back in my farming days, we used to say, "Nothing runs quite like a Deere."

That phrase could probably be twisted around and used for people who wear those hats, too.

Yea. Nothing runs quite like people topped off with John Deere headwear.

The animated character in the GIF above, I've known for more than a few years.

We bump into each other on the internet, all the time. That's how we came to be friends.

We cross paths, once in a blue moon, out in the field but, never drank together.

Friday night, we were supposed to get together, for some full moon photography.

The plan was, to shoot the moon then, do some bar hopping in my territory.

We live on opposite sides of the island so, he had to be careful about driving his car.

The rascal, showed up at my office with some young gal, as his driver.

The moon, was the only part of the equation, that didn't cooperate but, that was alright.

It gave us a headstart. That meant more time for us to, act like lunatics and go drinking.

Gotta Love Google Maps



People worried about privacy can turn their location OFF but, I keep mine switched ON.

That way if, I forget where I was the night before, I can go back and look at my Timeline.

It comes in handy for things like law enforcement, too.

Supposing, some guy with a white beard, throws a rock through the whorehouse window.

When the cops come around, I can show them. It wasn't one of us.

We were way over on the other end of town, too far away to throw rocks. Lookit my phone !

First Stop




It was close to 8PM when, we visited Bar & Cafe Brasil. 

Friday nights that place gets, standing room only, packed with customers.

They get Marines in there, who look like tattooed bodybuilding monsters, having fun.

Loud music is playing and, action movies are on a widescreen TV, too.

The crowd is always friendly and, some of the tattooed bodies are girls, with big muscles.

Me and the guy in the green hat drank beers. The gal with us had Brazilian soft drinks.

We had to make sure, the designated driver, was taken care of.

So, whenever, she had to pee, I would escort her to the ladies room and, stand guard outside.

After a couple of beers, we decided to make room, for more customers and, left that place.

Off to an Irish Pub



The John Deere dude, decided some whiskey would be nice to have, next.

So, I showed him the way to Bingo's Pub but, told him, I'd stick with my beer.

The joint was fairly crowded but, friendly folks got us our own table.

Loud Irish music is always playing and, there's a jovial smoke-filled atmosphere.

When, I asked our driver if, she liked karaoke, she said "Yes."

That would be good. After 3 or 13 beers, I'm ready to do some singing. So, off we went.

Karaoke Time


Just a few doors down the street, we hit the Cafe 104.

It's rarely crowded in this bar and, the owner is always happy to see me.

We were the only customers and, it was quiet enough to hear each other's conversations.

Plus, I didn't have to worry about the young lady, going to use the bathroom.

Drinking and singing, was mostly what we did and maybe, some conversating.

The guy in the green hat, doesn't do things like this very often, I could tell.

We were having a blast but, I worry about folks, drinking too many different kinds of booze.

To me, it's like physical training. Drink regularly, to keep in shape.

Supposing a war broke out and, you weren't used to being drunk. That'd be dangerous.

But, if your body is used to it, you could put up a hell of a fight, anyway.

Stagger to Next Bar


About this time, I'm sure our driver was starting to worry about, us walking.

We shuffled down the road aways, to the Club Peace.

It's a good sized establishment and, wasn't overly crowded. Everybody there, knows me.

Sometimes, they have jam sessions and, you'd be amazed at the talent displayed on stage.

There may be local musicians, mixed with some of the military crowd, playing in the band.

Some young Marine, was singing and bouncing around and, he was really good.

When he finished his song, I told him, "You should quit your daytime job."

We were sitting on sofas and had two tables, all to ourselves, over in a corner.

It was kind of comfortable and, the girl didn't have to worry about us going to pee.

The young guy, kept going back onstage and singing 50s-60s type songs.

Unfortunately, we discovered some long-haired wigs, the customers can play with.

That was the first time, I ever saw the green cap, come off the John Deere dude.

Fooling around with the wigs and, dancing around the room, seemed like the thing to do.

Green hat dude, got onstage, wearing some psychedelic colored, long-haired wig and danced.

Not long after that, he discovered some serious back pain. Not a problem.

For some reason, I happened to be wearing a stretchy, back support and, didn't really need it.

Off it came and the gal, helped wrap the thing around, the now-groaning, green hat dude.

One Last Bar



Another theory, I have is, what's best for a wrenched back, when you're drinking.

That would be, find a comfortable spot to take things easy and, drink some more.

So, we sauntered across a field and stumbled into Bar Patra.

All the gals there, know where my favorite spot is, at the counter and, hooked us up.

They had some customers move, to get three bar stools for my guests.

It's close to the bathrooms but, they don't really know, why I chose that location.

Top Secret: The air-conditioning controls, are right next to me.  And, I know how to operate !

It was past the Cinderella hour and, we tipped a few more drinks before, calling it a night.


In Case You Were Wondering



Everyone made it home safely and, no one was seriously injured, making this episode happen.

Figure if, the guy with the John Deere hat keeps practicing, we'll whip him into great shape.

Five bars in one night is, no great accomplishment but, a good start.

Maybe, once a month or so, we'll get together again and, build up our portfolios.

The Guy with the green hat, who walked into all these bars, is known as Okinawa Soba.

Visit him on Flickr and, you could spend hours, learning from him.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

The Smallest Full Moon of 2017

Strawberry Full Moon, JUN 2017

Strawberry Full Moon

Weather didn't permit moon photography in Okinawa last night.

Tonight, the clouds slipped away for a few minutes at a time and I got a few clear shots.

Learn more about this mini/strawberry moon at Farmer's Almanac.

Camera: Pentax K1

Lens: Pentax 300 + 1.4 Converter  Focal Length 420 MM

Exposure:  f/16   1/30   ISO 100

Location: Kin Town, Okinawa, Japan

Date and Time:  10 JUN 2017   8:32 PM

Friday, June 9, 2017

Quicker Than Lightening in Reverse: Chile Specialist

Chile Specialist Certificate

It Took Place in Okinawa

 Sitting in the office, I plodded through batteries of travel classes and tests.

The Travel Agent Academy offered this course on Chile.

There were things like history, geography, language and transportation.

Now, I can hook you up with this diverse land that stretches out like a shoestring.

Send you anywhere from the driest desert in the world, to Easter Island if, you'd like.

And, I know how to get you to Robinson Crusoe Island or Antarctica, too.

The tests were taken yesterday, on June 8th 2017 and, I finally passed.

Things happened so quickly, my certificate was dated June 7th. But, I won't complain.

This happens to be another country, added to my travel advisor profile.

What's It Got to Do with Okinawa ?

Just as much as, Hawaii, Mexico, Switzerland or, any other course I've taken.

While, I'm qualifying, I see all the special highlights, countries have to offer to travelers.

What might appeal to the visitors, depending upon their travel style.

Exploration, water sports, bird watching, golf, spa treatments, hiking, shopping are some.

The travel bureaus promoting destinations, have to entice customers.

Once, inside and I graduate from the destination courses, I get permanent access to materials.

Some countries do better than others at showcasing their positive attributes.

Take the best of the best and, don't copy but, utilize their methods, to promote tourism.

Okinawa, could use some promotion and, I'm learning, how to provide something different.

Standby for more.....

Thursday, June 8, 2017

JUN 2017 Night Before the Full Moon in Okinawa

JUN 2017 moon at 98.8% full

98.8% Full Moon

Camera: Pentax K1

Lens: Pentax 300mm with 1.4 converter Focal Length 420mm

Exposure:  f/11   1/80   ISO 100

Location: Kin Town Okinawa Japan

Date and Time:  JUN 8 2017  7:38PM