Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Whether You Like It or Not

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Weather Will Change

Groan.  Not enough sun rays have been coming my way, the past few days.

Maybe, I'm one of those solar-powered creatures. I don't know.

A gallon of milk or a handful of Vitamin D pills, won't do the trick. I need sunshine.

Usually, I get some people to smile, on my walk to work. That didn't happen today.

Even homeless folks, know better than, to walk around smiling, in this kind of weather.

Well, I walk around smiling, anyway but,  there's nobody out there, to smile back.

Feeling kind of miserable, I decided to pull this old photo out of the files.

Maybe, it'll brighten up someone else's day, too. Blue skies help.

And, looking forward to the end of the month, I'm sure the sunshine will be back again.

 Little Confession

Normally, I don't go around stealing things. Maybe, this wasn't really theft.

We won't discuss the location just in case, the statute of limitations, is still in effect.

There was a pile of books, several piles of books, stacked in boxes.

They were in a hallway and, nobody was around, looking. So, I got to looking.

Two of the books, on top of a pile, were identical.  Imagine that.

Now, this wasn't outside some bookstore. And, they looked like old books, mind you.

It wasn't as if, they were all brand new and wrapped up in cellophane.

The two book covers, were identical, sort of maroon colored and, had the same title.

So, I got thinking, "Nobody reads two books at the same time." And, got me one.

From watching enough movies, I knew how to get away with the crime.

Don't let anyone catch you and, you stick the thing inside your pocket, quickly.

World's Most Depressing Book

The title of this masterpiece, won't be revealed, for legal purposes. Statute of Limitations.

 I can tell you it was written by some doctor and, the subject was, "Depression."

The guy started off, saying stuff about how, he didn't believe in depression.

Then he got into chapters two and three. He got depressed and, says, it can happen to anyone.

The more you read, the more depressed you get, until it becomes "Crippling Depression."

The sick bastard doctor was, crippling me with depression, reading his damn book.

Maybe, that was his plan. Get lots of people, to by antidepressant drugs from him.

Anyhow, I never made it through the third chapter. And, never swiped a book again.

See, I cured myself without, taking any medication. No more kleptomania.

Grey Skies Make Me Blue

If,  I wake up to another dreary sky day tomorrow, I'll find a way to make it better.

There has to be something I can do, to get depressed folks smiling.

If, saying, "Good morning" and smiling, doesn't work, I'll think of something else.

Maybe, walk in my underwear, with my trousers tied around my neck. That may work.

What would be even better, is to see the sun come out !

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