Sunday, January 29, 2023

End of January Special Things

 A Few Photos Plus A Video

Cherry Blossoms with Different Background Colors

Sometimes you'll see blue skies in the Winter.

Occasionally dark backgrounds highlight the scene.

A white building always helps that pink flower pop!

But, nothing beats surprising a Special Someone on their 77th birthday:

Tuesday, December 20, 2022

DIY All Natural Fruit Fly Killer

 Just A Drop of Dish Soap

There has been way too much rain this month for my usual Full Moon photography.

It did make some short appearances but, avoided my fooling around with the camera.

Spending plenty of time indoors I noticed fruit flies hanging around the kitchen.


In Japan, this is what Apple Cider Vinegar in a bottle looks like.

It's been a while since I searched the internet for a natural way to eliminate these bugs.

So, you might want to Google it yourself for recipes.

Here's how it all started. Just put one drop of dish soap in a container.

If you like feeling silly, sing a Mary Poppins song, the pesty insects might like it, too!

The Bottle of Vinegar May Last a Whole Year!

Sometimes I'll put a splash of vinegar on my salad but, not even a teaspoon full.

For the month of December, I'm posting a photo of how many fruit flies have drowned.

 Not bad, considering I spilled the thing once after the first week, trying to count the bugs.

There aren't any more fruit flies buzzing around my apples, bananas, and pears.

Some folks would probably suggest keeping fruits in the refrigerator.

But, that would put way too much restriction on how many beers could fit in there!

Here's a Pioneer Woman's Recipe, I found for you to try.

Have Safe and Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Horrible Blood Moon November 2022

 Wind and Clouds with Camera Shake

Normally I wouldn't post terrible photography like this or, even process the images.

But, I got thinking. "Why not show the world how it really gets sometimes?"

The clouds blocked out the moon many times and the wind was blowing, shaking my camera.

This is how the moon looks sometimes after 10 too many beers.

About a dozen times I tried (unsuccessfully) to get a nice sharp image.

It Never Happened

The photo I would have liked to publish never got taken.

But, I was out there and got to witness the Full Blood Moon of November 2022.

Some photo editing was done to attempt to clear the blurred image.

But, shaky hands don't do the best job of patching things up.

If you all don't mind now, I'll go back to bed.

Sunday, October 30, 2022

Ghost of Nanachi-baka

 Located in Makishi, Naha, Okinawa

Not far from Miebashi Station on Yui Rail is a hill we'll call Nanachi-baka.

Best translated as Seven Tombs for the family burial sites which stood there.

Surrounded by the concrete of Naha, it's on private property but the woods are visible.

Thanks to Google Earth Pro you can see the terrain. There's a bit of greenery in the image.

Whenever you spot a grove of trees on a hill in the city, assume it's some sort of sacred place.

If it weren't special, developer bulldozers would have claimed the land.

Another scene borrowed from a Google Earth screenshot at ground level.

Miebashi Station is on the left side of the image frame.

Show Us the Ghost!

Alright, alright first let me do some explaining.

After three days of unsuccessfully trying to reach Banksy here's what I decided.

Draw the pictures myself or attempt to sketch them with a pencil and paper.

Should a real artist show up, these sketches will be replaced. I promise.

Nearby this grove of trees a young woman would purchase candy around closing time.

She hands the cashier Japanese yen to pay for the sweets. Then off she goes.

The problem is, the next morning the shopkeeper noticed the money had changed.

The yen note had turned into uchikabi (symbolic paper notes) given to dead spirits.

Kind of Mysterious

These little mom-and-pop stores are in competition with some big chains.

So, to stay in business, you have to keep an eye on the profits.

Next time that gal comes into the store late at night she's going to be followed home.

Sure enough, another night the woman comes by and gets more candy, paying with yen.

The store owner follows from a distance. It's dark outside.

The girl with the candy goes into the woods of Nanachi-baka and disappears. 

At one of the tombs, a baby could be heard crying. The storekeeper looked inside.

The woman who bought the sweets was dead.  Candy wrappers were near the baby.

Local villagers made sure the mother got a proper burial and raised the child.

The ghost was never seen again.

Happy Halloween!


This is the last time I will try doing sketches!

Sunday, October 9, 2022

October 2022 Full Moon Over Okinawa

 The Rabbit Showed Up Again

A few months out of this year the monthly full moon was hidden by clouds and rain.

Last night we got to see the lunar event and the rabbit was sitting upright, as well!

Just in case there wouldn't be any lunar events visible that night, I had a plan.

Early the morning before the full moon, I could try to catch the moon setting.

And, just in case I don't get around to posting again this month, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!