Thursday, March 19, 2020

Enough of Corona-virus Mudslinging

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Bird has a Message

Migratory birds will soon depart the Okinawa islands.

Here's a Grey-faced Buzzard ready to fly north as winter comes to an end.

These birds live here from October or November until March when the weather gets warmer.

Home for them could be China, Japan or Russia.

 Taiwan sees the same migrants that winter in the Ryukyu Islands.

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Where Would Be the Closest Destination?

With all the news out of Wuhan, China I decided to see if I could locate it on a map.

China would be the shortest flight for the migration of birds.

From Naha, Okinawa to Wuhan, China it's 869 miles or, about 1,400 kilometers.

China, Japan, map, Wuhan, corona-virus, Okinawa, birds, politics

Our feathered friends wouldn't have such a long flight if they headed over to China.

World Leaders and Politicians

Around the globe lawmakers from the left, right and middle, rant on the news every day.

They should stop ridiculing others and work together on this corona-virus problem.

Quit making up conspiracy theories and blaming foreigners for their problems.

Where's the Message from the Bird?

Well, I ain't a politician or world leader so, there's no sense in trying to act like one.

See, I just hope that bird flys to China and poops on their leader's head!

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Morning After Full Moon MAR 2020

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The Full Moon Avoided Us on Okinawa

Most of the time, over the past three days and nights, clouds and rain covered the sky.

Up at 4 AM each morning, I peeked out the back door, to see if, I could catch moon-set.

The weather channel was guessing a 95% chance of rain beginning at 5 AM.

Daybreak was coming and it looked like I might get a chance to walk the dog.

Checking the weather channel again suddenly, there was a 0% chance of rain.

Walking down to the beach, I caught the moon going down with clouds on the horizon.

End of Full Moon Story

Saturday, February 29, 2020

Toilet Paper Panic Buying Hits Okinawa

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This morning I was reading about the store shelves being cleaned-out by panic buyers.

People were worried about imports being cut-off from China due to Corona Virus 19.

Big cities all over Japan and even Naha the capital of Okinawa had toilet paper shortages.

The Japanese paper industry tried to calm their fears. Japan makes its own toilet paper.

I had a good laugh and spent the rest of my day doing serious stuff. Like taking a crap.

I walked to the local supermarket. Tea, ice cream and toilet paper were on the shopping list.

There wasn't a single roll of toilet paper on the shelves. Not even any baby wipes!

People Shouldn't Panic

First, it was paper face masks that disappeared from every store in town.

Now, we've got a toilet paper shortage because of panic buying. Damn it!

Next, I'll have to start collecting banana leaves to wipe my hairy bottom with.

If everybody starts doing that, next thing ya know there will be a banana shortage.

Two sources from today's news should assure everyone, there is no need to panic.

Kyodo News tells us there is no need to panic and cause toilet paper shortages.

 Look at Mothership to see what this panic buying is causing throughout Japan.

Y'all better calm down and quit causing panic toilet paper buying.

Or, I might come to a neighborhood near you and swipe all the banana leaves!

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Funny Translations: The Cat May Fly Out

Looking for Something New to Drink?

With things like Coronavirus flying around the world, it would be wise to stay healthy.

It's probably a good idea to check your vitamin C levels once in a while.

Not sure how you're supposed to do that, I walked down the street to a vending machine.

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 It was easy enough for me to figure out BinVita was some sort of vitamin C drink.

Before opening the bottle I decided to scan the ingredients with Google Translate on my iPhone.

Here's what I learned:

Ingredients: fruit dextrose liquid sugar / carbonic acid, acidulant, flavor, vitamin C, carotene pigment, 

nicotinamide, calcium pantothenate, vitamin B2, vitamin B, Vitamin Bs, Vitamin B12.

Contents: 500ml ● Shelf Life: Described on the bottom side of the cap.

Storage Method: Store at room temperature away from direct sunlight.

Manufacturer: Okinawa Botlers Co., Ltd. 163 Izumi Nutrition Facts Labeled in Izumi, 


 Motobu-Cho, Okinawa Prefecture.

And A Word of Caution:

Leave it at room temperature after drinking, it may damage your own equipment or 

the cat may fly out.

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Just Ducky: Couple of Eurasian Wigeon's

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First Time I've Seen These in Kin Town

Yesterday, I ran across a few dozen of them. They got spooked and flew away.

In-flight, it seemed like they may have been some sort of geese.

My internet searches turned up nothing helpful so, I started asking friends.

There's even a helpful group in Holland (on Facebook) I sent photos to for ID.

Out in the wetlands again today, I shot a few hundred more photos.

My contacts came through and, I did some more internet searching. Here's what we've got:

Latin Name: Mareca penelope

Common Name: Eurasian Wigeon

Japanese: ユーラシアヒヒ (Yūrashiahihi)

The photo was taken this morning around 9 AM.  It was a long, exhausting day.

For now let's just say, "The bird with the redhead is the guy."

Learn more about these birds at All About Birds.