Wednesday, April 7, 2021

A Few Words for This Wednesday - Sorta A Gripe

 This Cure Doesn't Work for Everybody

A while ago I could publish hundreds or thousands of words with no difficulty.

Articles, stories, reviews, and travel adventures just rolled onto paper with no effort.

Call it laziness, craziness, or whatever you like. Writing just doesn't get me excited anymore.

New Year's Day I  bought some notebooks to see any writing motivation would come along.

Two spiral-springy book things sat resting on a shelf next to the computer.

Some research was done (for a few months) and, finally, I decided to kick the writer's block.

There must be 100 methods writers can use to get their inspiration for writing fired up.

This one sounded like something which might work for me.

Every morning (for the month of March) I forced myself to write 500 words a day.

Most of the time, it was after looking at the news and social networks, early in the morning.

The house is quiet at 4 AM and I can sip my coffee without any distractions.

About halfway through my 500 milliliters of iced coffee, I'd get inspired and write.

"500 words," It really doesn't take lots of effort to write that piece.  In a few seconds, I was done.

If you have trouble writing, you might want to try this guy's method. It's not for me.

So, I'm thinking of giving myself another month of rest. Maybe, try something new in March!

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Meet the Marmalade Bush Hanging in My Garden

 A Rare Sort of Plant

Most festivals and cultural events have been canceled over the past year due to Coronavirus.

Up in Higashi for the Azalea Festival, we were screened fairly thoroughly before entering.

Temperature checks, tell if you've been out of the country, your name address, and phone number.

The blossoms were sorta so so this year but something caught my attention on the way in.

It was in a hanging planter and the tag on the plant read, "マーマレード, Marmalade."

Not knowing much about flowers, I asked if it was edible. The gal said, 'No."

Because of the bright colors, it's called Marmalade.

At home, the plant got hung in a spot without too much sun or shade.

Researching the brilliant blossoms, I learned plenty.

They say fresh seeds for this specimen are rare - hard to find.

Cuttings would be the way to go if, you want to propagate more plants.

Scientific Name: Streptosolen jamesonii

Another Common Name: Fire Bush

Native Territory: South America

More Stuff Was Learned

The Marmalade Bush needs sun but, can tolerate some shade.

It's a tough character - Bug Resistant.

The flowers may bloom most of the year in warm, humid, tropical environments. Yay!

The plant (growing in the ground) could reach 5 feet tall by 8 feet wide!

Its mild fragrance attracts birds and butterflies.

Some gardeners let the streams of bright flowers trail down walls.

The plants are used in Ecuador and Peru as folk medicine.

However, in California USA the plant may constitute a health risk if, too much is consumed!

We'll probably just keep our Marmalade Bush hanging somewhere in the garden.


Saturday, February 27, 2021

FEB 2021 Full Moon Setting in Okinawa, Japan


 Foul weather hid the full moon as it rose on the evening of February 27th so, I didn't shoot it.

This morning at 0632 here's what I saw as I was leaving my driveway for a morning walk.

The moon appeared gold-colored as it was setting off in the west.

Rather than rotate it, to show the Moon Rabbit, sitting upright, I left the image natural.

Can you handle an upsidedown rabbit?

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Sunday Camera Walk in Kin Town, Okinawa, Japan

 Springtime Can't Come Soon Enough

Lately, I've been skipping the long walk to a secluded beach for catching the sunrise.

It's better to drink lots of coffee in the warmth of the kitchen before packing up to hike.

It's 7 AM and a few minutes before the sun appears rising over the ocean.

At 8:02 this Light-vented Bulbul made an appearance.

It would be 9:02 before this Grey-faced Buzzard posed for me before the Kin Powerplant.

It was 9:53 when a Zitting Cisticola let me take a rushed shot with the camera.

Finally, 20 minutes from home (and breakfast) a Brown-eared Bulbul showed its face.

The time was 10:41 and I wanted to be home before noon!

After all, Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest. Eh?

Thursday, February 11, 2021

It's National Foundation Day in Japan and More!

 That's like the 4th of July in the USA

It's a National Holiday and most people have the day off. Schools are closed.

Some sort of tropical storm is blowing cold wind and rain so, I hung around inside all day.


About 4 PM the wife and a daughter returned from a shopping expedition.

And the young one presented me with this ice-cold six-pack of beer.

I'm really not celebrating National Foundation Day for Japan. I'm American.

Naturally, I thanked the daughter for bringing my favorite beer.

Little did she know, I was gonna celebrate New Year's Eve tonight.

First, we must get back to the Japanese holiday.  

They say Japan began (as a country) in 660 BC.

That's all I can tell you. Read the history of Japan HERE if you need all the details.

How Did New Year's Eve Get in Here Today?

When I thanked the daughter for the Orion Beer I told her it's New Year's Eve.

She looked at me like I was crazy so, I had to explain. It's Chinese New Year's Day tomorrow!

Some folks in Okinawa still use the Lunar Calendar. 

And, the stick with the rituals, holiday routines, and planting of the Chinese Zodiac calendar.

Learn all about the Chinese New Year at this Site.

Adding a little more to all this holiday confusion, the daughter handed me another gift.

Some chocolate, as well as the beer, was her gift to me for Valentine's Day!

It's been a long (almost photoless) day. Two quick shots of the beer and I'm done.

One photo from the front and another displaying the top of the six-pack. That's it.

It's getting dark outside and I have some Lunar New Year's Eve business to tend to.