Monday, November 28, 2016

Okinawan Folktale: Dividends of Kindness

river, trees, reflections

Peasant Mountaineer

A youngster climbed hills daily, in search of timber to be used for charcoal.

Since the passing of his father, he was the man of the household.

Demand for cooking fuel, provided income, to support his aging mother.

She, prepared a boxed lunch bundled up in a scarf, for him to carry every morning.

He would hang it on a branch of a tree, to keep ants from eating the meal.

One hot day, he decided to sit in the shade of the tree, to rest and relax.

Collecting firewood in the fresh air of the mountains, can be an enjoyable occupation.

Scents and sights in nature are a bonus, when you take time to sit and observe them.

Quite a few piles of firewood had been collected and bundled so, he decided to have a little picnic.

He smiled, stretched his sore muscles and, took off his shirt, spreading it over some pine needles.

It had been such a productive morning, he might get to go home early today.

When, he reached up to the branch his lunch had been tied to, something seemed strange.

It felt unusually light, as he lowered it to the ground. Soon, he'd know why.

Untying the knot, he opened the box of food and, it was empty. All his lunch was gone!

He shrugged and said, “Someone hungrier than, me must have taken the meal.”

Then, he got up and hurried, to finish his daily routine. And, never gave the food a second thought.

The next day was a repetition of the same events. No other humans were encountered.

All day the youngster was in the forest, never saw anyone yet, his noon meal would disappear.

Bring Two Lunches

Not to upset mother, the lad kept it a secret. No sense making her worry about him.

He just told her, they had plenty of food in the house and, his hard work made him hungry.

It would be nice if, he had two bundles of boxed lunches, to eat while working in the forest.

On the third day, he hiked up the mountain carrying two lunchtime meals.

Arriving at an area, he decided to harvest, he hung both meals on the branch of the same tree.

Noon arrived and, he discovered, all the food had been taken. He didn't get angry.

He simply said, “Whoever it is, must be awful hungry, to eat all those meals.”

Then, the youngster, went back to collecting wood out of the forest.

Out of the woods, came an elderly character with a lengthy white beard and, he had the meals.

I took them. To reward you for being a good hearted, charitable spirit, I'll do something for you.

Travel to Nanakijyai and, I will reward you with any three wishes, you may have.”

That sounded good but, the young chap, had no idea, where Nanakijyai might be.

The old man told him, it would be a three days and two nights trip, walking to get there.

He gave back all the meals, he had appropriated and, told the boy, to head south.

Each night, before sunset, he would find a house, where he could spend the evenings.

The Journey Began

The young boy, walked to the south and, at sunset found a home, where he was welcomed.

A beauty of a girl cooked him supper.

The homeowner asked, where the boy's travels would take him.

When he heard, Nanakijyai, he had a special request and, wanted the boy to help him.

His daughter, suddenly lost the ability to speak, a long time ago.

The man, told him that, the god of Nanakijyai, could remedy her problem.

The youngster promised, he would use one wish, to thank his gracious hosts.

The following night, having hiked south all day, the lad came upon another home.

He was given permission, to spend the night and, treated like royalty.

He thanked the family and, was prepared to continue his travels the next morning.

The man of the house, discovered where the youth was headed and, also had a request.

He was a well to do person, who had a tree, growing on his property.

It had failed to produce the colorful flowers, which usually blossomed, at this time of year.

He wanted to know, “Could the young man ask, the lord at Nanakijyai, how to fix that tree?”

The lad said, he would find out and, report back on his return trip.

Almost There

He had promised two of his three wishes as gratitude for others, helping him travel.

The unselfish lad, knew Nanakijyai, would be reached before sundown today.

Rounding a bend in the trail, he came upon a river. There was no bridge, to cross it.

The lad, couldn't swim. He looked up and down the river but, no boats were to be found.

He discovered a charming looking lady standing near the water's edge. She approached him.

When he told her, his destination was Nanakijyai, she became excited.

She said, “I'll take you there if, you can make a request, to the god, for me.”

She said she was a dragon, who crashed on earth and, couldn't reach the heavens anymore.

She took on the human form but, could transform, to fly the boy, the short distance.

If, he would ask the god of Nanakijyai, to restore her powers, she'd get him there.

His heart sunk. He would have to spend, his last wish, to help this dragon-lady.

It was the only way, he could get to Nanakijyai so, he agreed.

The woman transformed into a monstrous dragon and, flew him on her back, crossing the river.

Arriving, he walked a short way and, came upon the old man, who had been confiscating lunches.

The god, listened to the boy's three requests and, cracked a smile. He replied to the lad's favors:

1. The girl, who can't speak will regain that ability, after she meets a man suitable for marriage.

    1. Tell the guy, whose flowers won't bloom, to dig under the tree. There are two pots, one containing silver, the other, gold. If he gives, half of each, to another family, the tree will blossom.
    2. The dragon, who flew you here, is a greedy witch. She has two precious gems. If, she gives one, to someone else, she'll be able, to fly off this planet.

Those three wishes will be granted. Now git.”

The young man was saddened. He used all of his wishes, for others and, gotten nothing in return.

But, he was glad that, at least he brought happiness to other beings.

Return Trip

After recrossing the river, dragon-lady deposited the boy and became the woman, again.

He told her, what the god said, she needed to do, concerning the gems.

She gladly, gave one to the lad and, immediately became a dragon with, full powers.

After thanking the boy, she quickly flew off into the clouds, never to return to this planet.

Next in the circuit, he would spend the night at the home of the man with the tree problem.

The young guy, told the elder, what god had said about the pots, under the roots of the tree.

It was dark outside and had begun to rain. The homeowner decided to wait until morning.

There was no sense in rushing, to dig in the dark and, catch a cold in the chilly rain.

At dawn, they went out to begin digging. The earth had softened from the rainfall.

They carefully dug around the base of the tree and, discovered two earthen urns.

When the covers were removed, one was full of gold and the other contained silver.

Half the contents of each, were given to the boy and, the load would be heavy.

The grateful homeowner gladly gave the lad a horse, to take on his voyage home.

Arriving at the first home, he had visited days earlier, the family was anxiously awaiting his return.

The youth told the father, “When the girl meets her future husband, she will begin to speak.”

The lad was invited to dine, celebrate and spend another night but, he declined.

He wished to hurry home and share the story of his adventures with his mother.

They said goodbyes and the boy mounted the horse, to head on out the gate.

As he started to leave, the girl shouted, “Don't go. I want to marry you.”

The young man, married into the well to do family and, brought his mother, to live with them.

And, everybody lived happily.....


Folktales of Okinawa ISBN4-947654-05-8 P. 129

Sunday, November 27, 2016

The Cold-brewed Coffee Experience

It Started a Few Months Ago

A friend gave me a bag of coffee from Brazil only, he calls it Brasil. OK.

An iced coffee fanatic, I took the ingredients to my office, to make my own home brew.

The first bunch of coffee, got used and, he gave me another one. I just finished it today.

Cold-brew coffee ingredients on a messy table

The mess above, is the way I make coffee, on a spare desk, in my office.

What you see, is some containers, coffee grounds were soaking in, for about a week.

There's a bunch of recycled coffee cans and, some filtering gadgets.

Coffee spilled on floor and newspapers to soak it up

No photography was planned for today but, along came this opportunity.

The first paper type filters, I was using, were taking too long and, clogging up.

When, I switched to a faster filter, the coffee overflowed and, went everywhere.

That gave me the idea, to run and grab a camera and some old newspapers.

Things like this just, don't happen every day around here, you know.

Coffee grounds, pitcher, cans, spilled coffee

Those coffee grounds, turn into mud and make some wicked black coffee.

When people heat their coffee, they don't know, what they are missing out on.

The stuff I got today, looks like some engine oil that never got changed in 10 years.

Coffee cans, cream, sugar

One lump of sugar and a pack of powdered cream, for each can, is my preference.

Some folks might like it straight up or, sweeter but, I was making it, for me.

A glass pitcher of water was nuked, to make the cream and, dissolve the sugar.

Once the cans are topped off, they get capped, rinsed-off and, shaken.

rag, newspapers, girly calendar, pitcher

Then, I grabbed a towel, old girly calendar and some newspapers and cleaned up the spills.

If, it ever quits raining around here, the coffee grounds will go out in the compost pile.

A bucket of water, some vinegar and mop, will be used to clean the floor.

Or, I could just repaint it, with coffee colored enamel.  Huh ?

Coffee cans in refridgerator

Twelve cans were filled with my special brewed coffee today and, they're in the fridge.

Excuse me. Eleven, are in there.  I drank one and, it was delicious.

When the wife, sees this blog post, I bet she'll be glad, I didn't try this at home !

Visit Simply Recipes if, you want to try making cold-brew coffee. I'm still experimenting.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Travel Shot: Tsunami Warning Sign

Japanese and English tsunami advice

Some Shaking Going On

Just a quick reminder, the beach isn't where you want to be during a tsunami.

Most tsunamis are created  by earthquakes and, Japan has been having a few lately.

A tsunami can create a wave, just inches tall or, reach 100 feet into the air.

So, it's a good idea to know where the ground is at least 30 meters above sea level.

Tsunami warnings are announced over most people's cell phones, in Japan.

Signs, posted along highways and, at public buildings, list elevations and evacuation areas.

Learn more about tsunamis at this nifty site.

Tsunami Warnings and Advisories is another good link.

And, here's a good Earthquake Tracker.

Just in case, you want to see, where all the shaking is going on.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Plant Photos: Ginnem (ギンネム) White Lead Tree

Called a Miracle Tree

It's been used as erosion control, firewood, green manure, fodder and human food.

Originally from Central America and Mexico, it was brought to the Philippines by the Spanish.

More than likely, it was brought to Okinawa, after World War II.

If, you've ever seen how this island was obliterated, you'd understand why.

Rapid growing trees, were needed to prevent flooding, landslides and some shade.

This miracle tree could do that and more. Like feed cattle and humans.

The plant starts off, looking like some sort of shrub but, turns into a tree really fast.

White Lead Tree, leaves, pods, seeds
About the time of year, the little white head flowers bloom, you seen these seed pods.

The photo above, was taken, of a plant that just appeared to be a shrub.

Just out of curiosity, I shot some photos, to get an identification.

It would be nice to know if, those peapod-looking things are edible.

It was one of those days, I went to the Kin Dam, planning on shooting birds.

Eventually, the ospreys arrived overhead and, I forgot all about shooting stupid weeds.

Leucaena leucocphala tree in blue skies, seed, pods

With awesome blue skies and 420MM of lens, what would you have done ?

The choice became, shoot flying osprey birds or trees. Bye bye trees !

Along Comes Coincidence 

Somebody on Facebook contacted me asking about edible wild things growing in Okinawa.

The "Suspect" is what, I'll call the individual for now, to maintain their privacy.

Suspect, would like to paddle around the island, like some sort of a survivalist.

And, wanted to know what references, I use to find edible plants, flowers and trees.

There's nothing (English) I've ever found, that covers this subject on Okinawa.

References, I use were provided and, I told the Suspect, "Somebody needs to write a book."

It's a real pain, for me to research, flowers and plants, to see if they are poisonous or, edible.

Publish a book on Okinawa's vegetation and, it might become a million seller.

Even if, it didn't, I'd buy a few copies. Today, I learned something about this tree.

Over at Eat the Weeds

This Gets Exciting !

Now, I have an excuse to get in better shape and learn how to paddle a boat at sea.

Just a few months of weight lifting and doing rowing exercises and, I'll be ready.

When the weather warms up again, I'll get a hold of the survivalist and, off we'll go.

Thing is, I'll have to be in good enough condition, to do all the paddling, by myself.

Just in case, the Suspect gets poisoned and, I have to row the carcass home !

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Redneck Thanksgiving Dinner

Ryukyu Mike's Special Recipe

Over the years, I've spent lots of times, out of my home country.

And, sorta fallen out of the habit of celebrating American holidays.

People on Facebook, usually remind me, when some traditional holiday is coming up.

It's Turkey Day, to most folks in the USA because, that's the main course of the meal.

I'm always working but, thought, something involving turkey, should be done today.

People, who don't get the day off, from work, could prepare this dinner in a hurry.

slices of bread

Those, who can't read could just look at the pictures instead, of writing it down.

1.  Get some slices of bread. Any kind will do.

bread, salami, mustard

2. Turkey Cotto Salami and mustard or, real turkey if, you can find some.

Those who can't read: You don't have to write with the mustard. I was just playing.

sandwiches, salami, mustard, potato chips

3. Top it off with potato chips. I used Barbecue flavor chips, to add some country kick.

That way, no fire was started during preparation plus, I got some vegetables, in my diet.

Turkey salami sandwiches with barbecue flavor potato chips

4. Carefully, flip the lids on to the sandwiches and, crunch them, gently.

If, you're not careful, crumbs and bits of the chips, will get all over the place.

Then, you have to clean up the table and, sweep the floors or, ants will come in.

Save yourself some trouble if, you have a compost pile, go eat out there.

Preparation Time and Modifications

What you're looking at here, took me about 10 minutes to assemble.

However, I was taking photographs and, writing with the mustard.

A regular,  experienced homemaker could probably, do it in half that time, I bet.

Additional ingredients like, cheese, bacon, lettuce, mayonnaise or, whatever could be added.

Any kind of bread would work even, tortilla wraps, might be worth a try.

Vegetarians, skip the meat and use tofu, bean sprouts peanut butter or, whatever. 

Save the Recipe

Things like this come in handy for any holiday especially if, you're single.

The meal goes good with beer, wine, whiskey and, everything goes better with Coke, they say.

Permission is granted, to share this gem with friends and family or, enter it in a contest.


Tuesday, November 22, 2016

I Got Tired of Flipping the Bird

So I Went and Flipped a Fish

There was so much excitement today, I didn't have much time to prepare a blog.

Aquarium fish facing right

Shortly after I woke up this morning, an earthquake hit in Mainland Japan.

From the news, I saw on TV, everything seems to be alright.

Next, the wife woke up and came into the kitchen. Usually, I escape before that happens.

We greet each other, just like most people, who are married. Good morning.

Then, she has to grab my smartphone, to look a Facebook stuff.

She still has one of those anique flip-phones and, is learning, to swipe, on mine.

Once she masters the art, I'll let her keep the thing and, buy me an iPhone 7 Plus.

She's getting fairly good at it. Even swipes newspaper and magazine stuff, to enlarge it.

While she's checking everything on Facebook, I have another cup of coffee.

Knowing, the battery of the android, will drop to 40%, I take my time getting ready for work.

Pretty soon the smartphone has 17 apps running in the background and it's overheating.

She hasn't learned how to fix that, yet. That's a good thing. I put the phone in the charger.

By the time, I get showered and ready to leave the house, it's past 9 AM.

Beautiful Blue Sky with White Clouds

After the miserable grey skies and rain, we had yesterday, I was ecstatic.

Taking a photo with the android, I thought it would be a good idea, to post it on Facebook.

That way, everybody, following me, could see Okinawa, wasn't affected by the earthquake.

Some errands, had to be run and, I considered going shooting with the camera.

The best outdoor photography, is usually done before 9 AM and, after 3 PM.

Getting a late start, I decided there was enough office work, to keep me busy.

If, enough was accomplished by early afternoon, I'd do some walking and shooting.

The Office Routine

There are two computers on my desk, a Big Mac and a Sony laptop.

Processing photos (developing and editing) keeps one computer fairly busy.

While images are cooking (batch processing) I play around on the other machine.

Emails, social networks and, various other office chores, get done that way.

When the real important things get caught up, I entertain myself, with Facebook.

People are still riled-up over the elections in the USA.  It's over folks.

Some folks are rioting, protesting, disowning and unfriending, each other over an election !

They should find some good music or, hilarious funny stuff to share.

Office Work Not My Cup of Tea

Being at a desk, staring at monitors for long periods of time probably, isn't good for your health.

So, I take breaks every once in awhile, to go outside, where I smoke and stretch.

Sunshine, gives me vitamin D and recharges my solar battery, I swear I was born with.

Each time, I went out, I wished there wasn't so much administrative stuff to do.

I shake off the office blues by doing some exercises, while soaking up some sun.

Once, I read that elderly people, should lift something over their head, 10 time daily.

It doesn't have to be heavy, just lift anything and, it's good for your circulation.

Well, I found a cement block out back and, that's what I use. Ten repetitions each time.

One thing I learned, is don't try doing it too fast.  It makes bumps on your noggin and, hurts.

Weather Changed in Late Afternoon

Once, I had something to run, down to the printing office and, took my break that way.

Instead of going to the guy on the street corner, near my work, I went for a long walk.

The sun was shining brightly on the way down there and, I was happy.

No sooner than the printing got done, the sky turned grey and, I shuffled on back.

Fooling around all day in this office can dampen a guy's mood.

Customers are waiting for some important photos, from the weekend; I'm trying to get caught up.

Aquarium fish facing laft

When times get rough, it's best to maintain a sense of humor.

Demonstrating, rioting in the streets and, flipping the bird, don't solve problems.

So, I flipped a fish, for you, instead !

Aquarium Fish Photos from Seaside Ristorante

NOTE for Those Concerned About Family in Okinawa

Okinawa is far away from any disaster area in Mainland Japan

Monday, November 21, 2016

Okinawan Folktale: Legend of Divorce Rock

A Folk Story May Vary

Depending on where it's heard and, who is telling the tale.

Several sources were checked in researching this one and, there are many different variations.

One thing for certain is, they are all, talking about this rock formation.

Divorce Rock, Wutu Fui Ishi, Utu Fui Ishi, image, legend, bridge, island

Wutu Fui Ishi

Traveling north on HWY 58, this outcropping may be seen with Kouri-jima in the background.

It is too far from the shores of this island or Kouri island, for the average person, to swim.

Back in the days of the Ryukyu Dynasty, marriages were often arranged by parents.

If, things didn't seem to be working out, between the couple, something drastic, had to be done.

The parents would hold, sort of a council and, try to get the wedded couple agreeing.

Whenever the stubborn rascals, couldn't see eye to eye, mom and pop, had a solution.

Daughter would go in her family boat and, the son would, ride with his family.

The group paddled their sabani boats out to Divorce Rock for a meeting.

At low tide, there's a nice little cove of a beach with a shaded area in the rocks nearby.

It's a great place, to picnic, negotiate peace and maybe, drink some spirits.

If the couple, hasn't resolved differences, by the end of the day, they get left behind.

The extended families, take the sabani boats and, row back to Okinawa.

Pretty soon the sun goes down, tide rises and the chilly ocean breeze starts blowing, out there.

The couple starts shaking and feeling miserable because, i Phones weren't invented yet.

They only way to get warm, seems to be, hug each other and get that good feeling.

When mothers and fathers, came back, to check on the couple, they were lovers, again.

And, if they hadn't solved their marital issues, they would get to spend another evening, free.

More Versions of the Story

Otofuishi posted by Brad


He gives you the Okinawan dialect "Wutu Fui Ishi" name for this Rejected Husband Rock.

And, don't pass up, reading his text, along with the interesting comments.

There's an Ugly Guy and Pretty Girl rendition of the tale.

Yokohama Toshi:

Gives a list containing nine resources, used in researching this story.

They range from wealthy man, ugly man, ugly girl, to unhappy couple and everything between.

The link comes from Google Translate and, possibly may be switched back to Japanese.

A Favorite Out of Fifty

singer, folk music, entertainment, nightlife, Kin Town, Okinawa

Different Sort of Saturday Night Live

Last evening, I photographed in five different locations, using available lighting.

This wide angle scene was taken in a small bar, before it became overcrowded.

The gal, on the stage, sings Okinawan folk music, known as mineo.

It's a one person act, until someone decides to join in and sing, while she plays the sanshin.

The event, called the Ushina Live Matsuri, began at 6:PM .

Around six, I left the office and walked to Ushina, to arrive a few minutes early.

By midnight, I returned, with over 500 images and, just locked-up the camera.

After watching all the entertainment, it was my turn, to go and do some partying.

Crazy things happen, out in town, this time of year, when you go out late.

Lots of companies, have end-of-the-year parties, called bonenkai.

Some young lady came over and started petting my beard and, saying, it smelled good.

So, I figured the best thing to do, would be drink lots of beer and, catch-up with everyone.

This morning, when I woke up around nine, the wife asked me, what time I got home.

She said, she found me asleep, on the kitchen table, at 5AM. Maybe, I was hungry.

Somehow, I wound up, going to my room and, slept there, I guess.

Then, had to walk all the way back to the kitchen, for breakfast. Groan.

When I've been drinking, looking at clocks, doesn't make any sense, to me.

The best way, to see, what time I got home, is to ask a bartender. They know stuff like that.

It turned out, to be a long day of processing photos. Rainy and cloudy.

About 50 images, were loaded to a Facebook album Ushina Live Matsuri 2016.

This photo was special because, that's one heck of an act, singing and strumming.

And, she didn't go around stroking old guy's beards !

Saturday, November 19, 2016

What's Better Airbnb or a Capsule Hotel ?

Both Are Inexpensive

Think of them as a notch above sleeping in a tent but, not quite five star hotels.

Over the past few months, I have experienced each of them, for the first time.

When traveling as a photographer, I carry lots of equipment, to get my business done.

Someone, who travels light, might enjoy the savings available at either, type of lodging.

Airbnb room, cameras, laptop, backpack

Last weekend, this was my air-conditioned quarters in Itoman City.

My gracious host, told me, to make myself at home. So, that's what I did.

Went in the shower and, I liked her shampoo so much, I used it all over my hairy body

Then, got out of the house, to do some karaoke and beer drinking.

Everything was still there when I returned and, the place only cost about 30 bucks a night.

Capsule lodging. sleep in a box

Back during the month of June, I stayed in this rabbit hutch-type of accommodations.

It was fairly cheap, too. About 12 bucks or, 1200 Yen in Japanese currency.

Here, my backpack, camera bags and equipment, were stored in a common area.

Had I been traveling, without photography gear, I wouldn't worry about theft.

Fortunately, nothing was missing, when I floated back to the place.

That, left me with around twenty more dollars, to spend on entertainment.

It Depends on Your Travel Style

I had heard of Airbnb before but, never experienced a stay at such a place.

Since returning from Itoman, I'm sold and, even opened an account with them.

It's not like, I'll quit camping, sleeping in caves, under the stars or, on park benches.

When toting a few thousand dollars of cameras and lenses, I don't mind spoiling myself.

So, I'd prefer a room, where the equipment is under lock and key.

If Narumi, keeps buying that Pantene Shampoo and Conditioner, I'll go back there, again.

If, I go down south without cameras, I might stop by and sleep in a rabbit hutch, instead !

My Reviews on Google Maps:

Friday, November 18, 2016

5 Images Shot Under Sunny Skies in Kunigami

November Is Becoming a Favorite Month

The heat is tolerable and the typhoon threat should have ended for the year.

Ideal weather, for being outdoors, led to a trip on the northeast side of the island.

There was no plan, other than, get out of town and, shoot some cameras.

Abandoned ferry boat, beached near the ocean

The first interesting subject that popped up was, this abandoned boat.

It's got to be the original, Queen Izena ferry. How cool is that ?

It makes you wonder, why no one thought of putting it on display in a museum.

Someone did, paint "Clean Yo Beach" on the side. That sounds like a good idea.

Rocks jutting out of sea close to shore

A little farther north, these rocks caught my attention.

During low tide fishermen, climb them and, sit out there, hoping to catch some big ones.

If, I had to go fishing for food, I'd starve to death. It's not in my bag of tricks.

But, some folks can stay out there all day, not catch any and, still be happy.

One of my friends says, "A bad day of fishing, beats a good day, stuck at home!"

bird, osprey perched on an offshore rock

The big lenses stayed home today and, that was a mistake.

The Osprey was perched on an offshore rock and, this photo was taken at 350MM.

If a larger lens was used, I believe, there was a fish in that guy's talons.

That's alright, a bad day with the camera, beats being stuck in my office.

Japanese sign, Think Globally, Act Yanbarly

This Japanese sign, cheered me up, when I spotted some funny English on it.

"Think Globally, Act Yanbarly" sounds like a nice thing to do. Don't you think ?

Yanbaru or, Yambaru, is what the northern area is called, in local dialect.

People around the globe should act like Yambaru folks and, the world could be a better place.

Somebody, coined a new phrase and, wants us all, to act Yanbarly.

Well, I'll drink to that as soon as, I get out of this office. Go out and be Yanbarly, to everybody.

Kouri Island Bridge, rock at sea, Kunigami, Yanbaru, Okinawa

This last photograph was taken, heading south on the highway, to get home.

Confirmation is pending but, I think it may be a special rock formation.

If, my suspicions are confirmed, there's a juicy story, I can tell you, later.

Unlike many news outlets, these days, I think, it's important to tell the truth.

So, we'll have to wait for an expert's opinion before, I can give you the details.

Giving some rock in the ocean, a false name, wouldn't be a very Yanbarly thing to do.

Don't you agree ?