Thursday, November 24, 2016

Redneck Thanksgiving Dinner

Ryukyu Mike's Special Recipe

Over the years, I've spent lots of times, out of my home country.

And, sorta fallen out of the habit of celebrating American holidays.

People on Facebook, usually remind me, when some traditional holiday is coming up.

It's Turkey Day, to most folks in the USA because, that's the main course of the meal.

I'm always working but, thought, something involving turkey, should be done today.

People, who don't get the day off, from work, could prepare this dinner in a hurry.

slices of bread

Those, who can't read could just look at the pictures instead, of writing it down.

1.  Get some slices of bread. Any kind will do.

bread, salami, mustard

2. Turkey Cotto Salami and mustard or, real turkey if, you can find some.

Those who can't read: You don't have to write with the mustard. I was just playing.

sandwiches, salami, mustard, potato chips

3. Top it off with potato chips. I used Barbecue flavor chips, to add some country kick.

That way, no fire was started during preparation plus, I got some vegetables, in my diet.

Turkey salami sandwiches with barbecue flavor potato chips

4. Carefully, flip the lids on to the sandwiches and, crunch them, gently.

If, you're not careful, crumbs and bits of the chips, will get all over the place.

Then, you have to clean up the table and, sweep the floors or, ants will come in.

Save yourself some trouble if, you have a compost pile, go eat out there.

Preparation Time and Modifications

What you're looking at here, took me about 10 minutes to assemble.

However, I was taking photographs and, writing with the mustard.

A regular,  experienced homemaker could probably, do it in half that time, I bet.

Additional ingredients like, cheese, bacon, lettuce, mayonnaise or, whatever could be added.

Any kind of bread would work even, tortilla wraps, might be worth a try.

Vegetarians, skip the meat and use tofu, bean sprouts peanut butter or, whatever. 

Save the Recipe

Things like this come in handy for any holiday especially if, you're single.

The meal goes good with beer, wine, whiskey and, everything goes better with Coke, they say.

Permission is granted, to share this gem with friends and family or, enter it in a contest.


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