Thursday, April 20, 2017

Flowers: Deigo (Indian Coal Bean) Symbol of Okinawa

Deigo in bloom, Erythrina orientalis, flowers

The Prefecture Flower

These bright red blossoms were spotted along HWY 58 in Ogimi Village, Okinawa.

It seems like, I never catch the trees, when they are in full bloom.  These shots will have to do.

Deigo flower blossom, close-up

Moving around and using different focal lengths, I got a few different compositions.

The flowers only blossom for a few short months then, they disappear.

Flowers, Deigo, Erythrina orientalis

Some people think they can predict, how severe typhoon season will be, looking at them.

Well, I have news. It doesn't work. Typhoons are unpredictable. So, are these flowers.

It would have made more sense, to me if, they made Hibiscus the state flower.

But, back in 1972, the Deigo was selected. And, I ain't governor, yet.

Indian Coral Bean tree, Deigo

The botanical name is Erythrina orientalis. We just call them, "Deigo."

The flowers are a big attraction, for many people. I'm not wild about any flower.

Maybe, some of the ones which are edible, would be alright by me. I could eat them.

How About a Sketch Artist ?

For someone with the ability to draw or, sketch, these flowers could be a work of art.

Just as we decided to pull off the highway and, get some photos, it happened.

sketch artist, tree, flowers, Deigo

This gentleman was over by the fence, sketching the Deigo blossoms.

Of course, I greeted him and, took a peek at his work. Man's got some real talent.

After awhile, I sneaked around, to catch this shot, of him drawing. I envy the guy.

stickman sketches, weight training

These are some sketches on a wall in my office, to remind me of stuff, I'm supposed to do.

See, I can't even sketch a stickman, too well !

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