Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Must Go Back to This New Indian Restaurant

Kin Indian Grill & Bar Restaurant, Okinawa

Brains Need Exercise Too

People started to notice, I haven't been blogging much lately.  I should be ashamed.

There's no excuse for having a creative slowdown or, writer's block.

I've been out and about, getting plenty of sunshine and, doing lots of strenuous exercise.

But, after developing my daily photos, just felt like going home. No blog. Done for the day.

Something had to be done, to get myself back into writing mode, again.

Grabbing a few cameras, I walked into town instead, of heading out to the fields and woods.

Some Indian Food Could Fire Me Up

The place just opened recently and, I had met the owner as I was walking home one night.

This morning, on the way to work, he saw me and reminded me, I promised to stop by.

If, there weren't 300 emails for me to answer, I'd make it at lunchtime today, I told him.

At the office, I turned off Facebook and, quickly took care of my emails.

Before 11AM out the door I went, planning to do a good two hour lunch.

Sun was shining and, I figured it would be fun, to mess with the police, along the way.

The Indian restaurant, is right next door to the cop shop in Kin Town.

If, you ever want to get your heart rate up, without serious exercise, try this:

Go up close to the windows on the police station and, stick your tongue out at them.

Lucky (for them) nobody was sitting at the desk but, it was fun.

People driving down the highway, were looking at me, like I was some kind of nut.

She Moved Me


The first person I ran into at the top of the stairs, was this Indian doll.

She was on the left side of that pillar, facing left and, I grabbed her, to get under better light.

Whatever they made her out of, is unbelievably heavy. The owner, helped and, we gotterdun.

It was nice, being the only customer; I could take my time shooting photographs.

close-up,Indian statue

After looking over the menu, I ordered and told them, don't rush preparing my meal.

Without a crowd, moving around, I could shoot slowly and, move things around.

No flash, was brought along. Natural light images, are fun to compose.

Here's a closer look at the wooden statue. She didn't bat an eyelash.

yogurt drink with fruit

They brought me this drink of yogurt and some kind of fruit.

First thing I did, was ask if, there was any alcohol in it.  I won't drink, while working.

While I was shooting, I talked to the owner about his establishment.

There have been businesses, come and go, in that building, over the years.

It's nice, to see folks, open up new places and, I like to see them succeed.

When I told him, I'll put the place on Google Maps and TripAdvisor, he thanked me.

People are surprised, when I let them know, I don't take any freebies.

No discount, no complimentary drinks; I want to pay full price, just like any other customer.

That way if, the food or service stinks, nobody gets a fake rating. Don't piss me off.

Butter Chicken Curry, Garlic Cheese Nan,drinks

Above, is Butter Chicken Curry and Garlic Cheese Nan, my lunch.

We chatted, while I consumed everything and, it was sorta funny.

The master said his English, wasn't that good and, wanted me to speak Japanese.

Well, I told him, my Japanese ain't that great either. Maybe, we should try Uchinaguchi.

He lived in Tokyo for 20 years and, never heard of the Okinawan dialect.

We conversed in broken English and Japanese and, got along just fine.

Every once in awhile, I taught him and, the staff some Okinawan lingo.

The food was delicious. My two hour lunch break ended and, I walked back to the office.

850 Meters Later

About the time I was ready to pull the SD card out of the camera, a light came on.

When I walked past the police station, I forgot to check and, see if anybody was in there.

Even worse, I had walked out of that restaurant, without paying for my meal !

So, I walked the 850 meters, back to the Indian restaurant, to pay for the meal, I had eaten.

The owner was eating his lunch at the counter of the bar when, I entered the joint.

When I let him know, I forgot to pay the bill, he waved me off with his hand.

So, I asked one of the young waiters for my bill. They weren't going to let me pay.

Time for a Lesson in Ethics

The Indian crew kept refusing to let me pay. And, they kept speaking Indian.

So, I had to think of some way, to get this situation, turned around. Teach them some English.

"Look, I told you guys, I pay full price, no freebies or, discounts." I said.

"Simple English, it's a thing called ethics. And, I'm trying to be ethical here.

Messing with a man's ethicals, is like messing with his testicals.

Give me the bill and let me pay, full price for everything or, someone's gonna get hurt.

Who wants to be the first one, to get kicked in the balls?"

They gave me the tab and, I made sure, my drinks were included.

Everything totalled up, to under ten bucks. That sounded fair.  I paid and thanked them.

Maybe, I'll visit on the way home tonight and, sample an Indian beer.

Counting my change now.....

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