Saturday, April 29, 2017

Poisonous Viper: Okinawa Habu

Snake found on Miyagi Island

Found Throughout Okinawa Islands

This character was spotted on a road between some tobacco fields on Miyagi Island.

They are venomous snakes, that eat rodents and birds, not particularly people.

Most of he time, they'll shy away from humans, unless they are provoked. 

Normally, they won't pose for a camera, to get this close for photos.

Dead habu snake on an Okinawa road, flip-flop

Vehicular homicide seems to have been performed on the rascal.

To show approximately, how long the snake was, I used a size 12 flip-flop.

Just guessing, I'd say it would be four or five feet long. I didn't want to stretch my luck.

In case there was any life left in the dude, I didn't feel like getting bit.

Don't Mess with These Snakes


This species is the largest and most poisonous one on the island.

Great images and descriptions of others can be seen a Shawn Miller's website.

If, you get bitten by one chances are good, you'll survive if, medical attention is speedy.

Don't do like the cowboys and, try to suck the poison out of the wound.

Stay calm, keep the area clean, elevated and, get your fanny to a hospital.

A few of my friends, have been bitten, surviving the ordeal even though, it was painful.

More about the habu, is provided by Camp Lester Naval Hospital. 

Another interesting thing, you may want to know about the snakes, occurred to me. 

Way before Viagra was invented, Okinawans, created Habu Sake.

The snake come in a big glass jar of, what locals call, awamori.

If, you're having trouble, impressing the ladies, with your super powers, drink some.

Then, come back here and, let us all know, how things turned out !

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