Monday, May 1, 2017

Visit Oku Village During Golden Week

City Folks Don't Know What They're Missing

Way up in the northern part of Okinawa is a village named Oku.

Every year during Golden Week the river gets decorated with the carp streamers.

Koinoborui, they're called in Japan and, there must be 1000 of them, fluttering in the sky.

Cabins, lining the waterway only cost about one third, the price of a city slicker hotel room.

It's quiet up in those hills. I could lay down in the grass and watch the flying fish all day.

There probably, will be some children, splashing around in the creek tomorrow.

But, it wouldn't be like that noisy city, I stayed at a hotel in, once. It was hard to sleep.

Some honeymooners, kept making noises all night long and, it cost me over 300 bucks !

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