Sunday, May 28, 2017

Travel Photo: At a Noro House in Itoman

Rituals at a priestess home in Okinawa

Noro: An Okinawan Priestess

This image comes from my files dated June 2013 and, was just processed today.

Things have a habit of sneaking up on me this time of year. I get extremely busy.

The event above, happens at the conclusion of the Itoman Hare or Dragon Boat Races.

For some reason, the races are taking place early than usual and, I won't be attending.

My calendar, has already been filled, going into the month of July.

The Itoman Hare happens to kickoff at 0900 tomorrow !

Historically, these dragon boat races, signal the end of Okinawa's rainy season.

To see more about these rituals, have a look at some previous posts:

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