Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Travel Photo with a Tip: Drink Ginger Ale without Booze in It !

Surprisingly few people know about Ginger Ale.

For those travelers who are prone to motion sickness it can work wonders.

This morning I was racking my brain trying to think of something to post for my Canadian sweetheart over in Korea on that Travel Photo Thursday thing she always does.

When I ran across the street to get my morning iced-coffee fix, I spotted this can of

Canada Dry Ginger Ale in the soft drink display.


Ginger, is like the greatest motion sickness, natural, sea sickness, herb in the world.

Well, most travelers don't have time to grow their own.

And, it's pretty hard to find gingerbread cookies, any of the places I've been.

But, Ginger Ale can be found almost anywhere.

Just don't do what some of my friends do with it.  Leave the booze out and drink it straight.

There's no sense traveling around looking like a drunk sailor.

A recent trip to the island of Kudaka-jima, and watching some of the sad faces bouncing around on the ferry,  reminded me of this old home remedy.

So, I grabbed my backpack and shot this can for you and TRAVEL PHOTO THURSDAY.

Learn more about Ginger here: BUT, HAVE YOUR CREDIT CARD READY.

Wikipedia needs help and if everybody donates Twenty-Five bucks that'd be great.

We can keep getting it FREE for another year that way.


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