Friday, November 11, 2011

Going Down This Time Wasn't As Much Fun (Photos)

Usually, taking the cameras and tripods down in a cave is a blast.

Yesterday, was my first time in this treasure.

From the outside, it looked like it would be a gem for photography.

Two vans loaded with dive club members in wet suits leaving the cave should have been my first clue that it might be really, really wet inside that cave.  Duh !

There was, like a freakin ice cold river running through the place.  And, the farther you went down in the cave, the wetter you got.  Sometimes you could climb over the rocks and get out of the water.  But, most of the way, you had no choice; you waded.

Going down in this cave after it's been raining all week in Okinawa wasn't the most brilliant idea I've had this year, photographically speaking, anyhow.

Shoes, cameras, tripods, flashlights and camera holsters are drying out, right now.

When the water recedes in that cave, I'll be ready.

Going down in this cave was fun but, not as much fun as I thought it would be.

The next time I go in there with my cameras,  I'll getterdun properly.


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