Monday, November 14, 2011

How-to Take Winning Screenshots With No Hassles Whatsoever

This post was inspired by many people asking me how to do a screenshot.

Trust me, I am not the brightest light on the Xmas tree when it comes to computers.

My MACS for DUMMIES book just taught me this the other day.

Push SHIFT, COMMAND and NUMBER 3 all at the same time.

The computer makes a CLICK noise just like a DSLR CAMERA.

And, the Screenshot, which is really a JPEG photo, shows up on your monitor.

Windows PC's are a little different.  You can go to Windows HELP and try what they tell you but, I could never understand all the hi-tek talk they use so, I went to this place.


What you see when you double click the Screenhunter 5.1 installed on your desktop is pictured in the photo above.  I always set mine so it's on STANDBY and single hotkey F6.

So, when I'm ready to snatch a screenshot, I just press CTRL and F6 and the thing snaps a shot CLICK and a little window pops up asking me if it's alright to save it on my desktop.

So, I say "OK".  And that's what it does, after I push the OK button.

Here's a screenshot of SOPHIE'S WORLD

Always give credit (Links are best) to anyplace you take screenshots from, or you could wind up in big trouble.  Some people, such as myself, don't take kindly to thievery.

Another hint: It's best to set your browser window to fullscreen before you take the screenshot.


Take fullscreen shots, so you have room to edit them later.

He could take me to court, but probably, already knows, I ain't got no money.

Jim over at HOLES IN MY SOLES well, he knows how it is these days being a cameraman.

After I took this screenshot, I cropped and sharpened it a bit so I can go back and read it later.


Once you know how to shoot screenshots it's important to learn about filing them.

They will have real long names like, Screenshot, or ScreenHunter_01, 02 May, 18 13:54 .

Before the month is out your whole dashboard will be cluttered up with screenshots and you won't be able to see clearly anymore.  So, get them off the monitor and stick them in  folders.


It's a lot easier to find stuff when you rename the file something like Goya Republic.
Cut and Paste it into a Goya, Scotland, Holes, Splice or Sophie Folder.  Or, a Nov 2011 Folder.
Then, it's easy to find if you ever need it again.

 Doc, I didn't want to leave him out of this demonstration.  So, here he is adding some color and contrast to my blog post today.

Learn how to take winning screenshots on your computer because I'm looking at how to celebrate the 750,000th view on this blog. A screenshot of the event may determine the winner. 
Standby for more.....

Visit the links to my screenshots above and give them a thumbs up, that's what I do !


Julia said...

Ha ha, we did our first screenshot the other day for our Google+ page. When I say 'we', of course I left Barry completely in charge of finding out how to go about it all. :)

RyukyuMike said...

Hopefully, this post will help you do it by yourself next time !
Let me know if it's too confusing. I never went to writing school ya know !

Anonymous said...

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RyukyuMike said...

That'd be up to the boss, not sure.
He can be reached via Contact on mikesryukyugallery(dot)com.

AdelaideBen said...

Of course - when I want to do a screen shot on my pc I just do a print scr - or if I want to only capture the selected "window" I press Alt + PrintScr.

Never quite understood this whole Scottish "Mac" thing....

RyukyuMike said...

Heck, you're one of the chosen few who understand Windowspeak, I'll bet.
My hat's off to you !

Sophie said...

Yay, now I know how to do screenshots!(And also, finally I'm allowed to comment on your blog :)

RyukyuMike said...

That's GREAT. I hope, I helped in some small way. You're a buddy of mine !

Ryan said...

Mike, not only are you a fountain of technical knowledge you are also a top top man. Thanks for highlighting my insignificant little excuse of a blog.

If you didn't own a pub I'd have sent you a case of the best chilled Scottish beer.

RyukyuMike said...

Hey Dude, I love ya. Actually, the pub is in the wife's name. Send the SCOTCH. And, THANK YOU !