Wednesday, September 28, 2011

No Room for Orange Juice. Beer is Better for You. You Know ? (Photo)

500 ml and there's 20 bottles to a case.  One case just fits in the fridge nicely as long as the wife doesn't go stickin any orange juice bottles in there.

Did you know beer is better for you than orange juice?  Well, it is, I know, for sure.

When I was younger, I drank a whole case of these Orion Beers.  And then, I had one more.

If I'd have drank that much orange juice, I bet, I would have got sick.

Even if you don't drink beer you can still use the stuff.

Like you could shampoo your hair with it.

You'd stink real bad if you did that with orange juice, I think.

Plus, it probably wouldn't do any good.  Maybe, even make your hair stiff.

Beer makes your hair soft.  That's what I heard.  And it doesn't smell that bad, either.

But, I usually just drink the stuff.  It tastes best when it's ice cold.

Beer is better.  That's why there's no room for orange juice in my refrigerator.

Now you know.

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