Monday, September 12, 2011

2011 The Final Full Moon Festival : A Photo Essay

Here's a photo of the Kanji for what I went looking for last night.  Moon.
In Kin Village Okinawa, Japan they know how to do a Full Moon Festival.

Build a stage in an open area where the moon will shine down on you.

Get some local entertainment to perform.

They get all dressed up.

People congregate, watch, listen and enjoy the good spirits.

It can be a real challenge for a cameraman.

But, I know this will be the final Full Moon Festival of the year 2011 for me.

Kin Village is my hometown.  So, when the festival ended, most of the performers you saw in the photos above came over to My Place (karoke bar) and enjoyed good spirits 'til the sun came up.

Almost forgot.  I found what I went looking for and got a photo of it, too.
Here's the Full Moon from September 2011.  My head hurts.


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