Sunday, September 18, 2011

Wildlife Photo: Seahorse and What I Learned Today

This little guy was brought to me by a little girl at a beach party in Okinawa, Japan.

Don't worry.  I took 500th of a second to snap the photo and told her hurry and put him back in the water.  He's a fish even if people call him a horse.  He went right back into the ocean, just a few feet away.  I hope everything turned out alright for the guy.

Seahorses, and there are over 30 varieties of them, come from the Genus Hippocampus. They are members of the Family Sygnathidae, which also, includes Sea Dragons and Pipefish.

Probably, their worst natural enemy is people.  Remember all the comic books advertising ?

They start making whoopie early in the morning and might take 8 hours to finish.

The female puts eggs in a pouch the male has and he gets pregnant.

He could be pregnant a couple of weeks and have as many as 2,000 babies.

He might deliver all those babies in the morning, get another batch of eggs thrown in the basket and be like,  el prego, again by nightfall.  I don't make this stuff up !

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