Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Blogs Give Tunnel Vision If You Aint Careful (Photo Essay)

It's a good thing my friend Doc came by and got me out of town today.  Photos were prepared for today's blog last night but, I'll do that post some other time.  I was starting to get tunnel vision and that ain't good.

Caves are a great place to go when you want to reverse tunnel vision so, here's where we went, down inside this cave that has a Cafe at the entrance.  You'll hear more about this gem in the future.
They have some really cool photos on the walls of the place and I wish I had the photographer's name so I could give credit but, it wasn't available.  Maybe, I'll find out later.

The art was hanging in a public place where anybody could take pictures.  So, that's what I did.

Looking at other people's art and photography is something I do all the time.  Call it inspiration.

After I got my fill of inspiration I shot this photo of the cave ceiling while Doc was getting us some iced coffees.  I was sure glad he paid.  Can't tell you how much but, it was sort of tourist pricey I think.

Today turned out to be a great day for me.  Besides getting out for some fresh air and photography to cure my blogging tunnel vision, I went to an American bookstore.  And you should have seen my eyes light up when I found this on the shelf.  It was the last copy available of ..........


That sucker is mine, now.

Is there anything special you do when tunnel vision starts sneaking up on you ?


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