Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Coronavirus Couldn't Stop the Harvest Moon!

 5 Quick Photos

There's plenty to complain about these days, mostly politics and disease.

It's not good, sitting around the house moaning and groaning.  So, I get out and shoot the moon.

September 20 at 7 PM the moon was 97% full and bright golden in color.

The next morning I arise at 3 AM to check on the setting moon.

Several coffees later, I'm headed out the door.  That's the setting moon behind the house.

The photo was taken at 4:55 AM and I'm going down towards the beach.

It's 5:57 AM on the 21st of September when this photo was composed.

Standing on the seawall at Kin Port, I'm facing Ishikawa, Uruma, Okinawa, Japan.

The evening of the 21st it seemed like the moon would never appear.

Clouds rolled in and blocked out any chance of star or moon gazing.

Actually, I gave up and went to bed.

Shortly before 11 PM, something told me to look out the back door.

The moon was peeking through the clouds, high in the sky above my house.

It was 11:05 PM when this photograph was taken. Back to bed, the old guy went.

At 6:15 on September 22, 2021, another big, bright, golden moon could be seen.

Notice: The rabbit in the moon, turned upside down!

That's all I've got to complain about.