Friday, January 31, 2020

Rabbit in the Moon Can Drive You Crazy

 A little Late Posting Full Moon Photos

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For those who may have been wondering, I didn't miss the full moon this month.

All three days of the moon's appearance I was out there morning and night shooting it.

It's the rabbit in the moon and research into its appearance that held me up on this blog.

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For years I've been taking photos of the full moon and always try to catch the rabbit.

Example A above, shows the rabbit facing to the right and stirring something in a pot.

The image comes from National Geographic's "Why Do People See Faces in the Moon?"

The article goes on to explain different stories about appearances on the moon worldwide.

The rabbit bent over stirring, facing to the right has been the position I've imagined.

Others May See the Rabbit Differently

Suppose someone told you the rabbit could be seen facing the left and stirring the pot.

A good friend of mine demonstrated his view of the moon rabbit using my photo.

He shows the rabbit (in red) facing towards the left and, once you see it you'll never forget.

People don't just make these things up. There are other folks who see the rabbit this way.

moon, rabbit, left

Somebody called Left Field Wanderer (who wasn't watching) got me this image.

You can see how the rabbit earned that honorable position on the moon by reading the story.

Even Wikipedia Got Visited

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Here I must make a confession. Wikipedia isn't my favorite source of information.

Back in college, the professors would give you an "F" for using Wikipedia as a reference.

Since that Wiki-leaker guy came along, I guess the Wiki folks have more authority.

Anyway, sometimes researching Okinawa things, Wiki is the only resource available.

Somewhere along the way, I have even done photography for the Wiki people.

They use my images so, this article was where the rabbit above came from.

Things Can Keep On Getting Tricky

The rabbit on the moon doesn't always sit with his ears pointing upwards. WHAT!!???

If the moon is rising, you'll notice the critter standing or squatting in an upright position.

When the moon is setting (going down) in the west, the rabbit turns upside down.

astronomy, full-moon, rabbit, upside down

Normally, I do the research and try to explain some of the weird things I post on this blog.

Usually, in a few hours, I'll come up with a story that any layman would understand.

Along with that, I'll throw in links that can be used to verify my theories or findings.

After a few days of Googling and coming up empty-handed, I found other stuff to do.

 Go to festivals, drink beer, sample foods in restaurants, and, sleep a lot. 

At Live Science, I located their Moon Rabbit photographed upside-down.

There you can learn about "Pareidolia" causing people to see images on almost anything.

 "In one famous case from 2004, a woman who claimed to see the face of the Virgin Mary in a grilled-cheese sandwich was able to sell the sandwich on eBay for $28,000, according to NBC News."

The only place I could find some explanation as to why the rabbit turns is Stack Exchange.

This was even after checking the Children's site at NASA.

That was just in case I fell asleep in school while they were teaching us about the moon.

In somebody's layman terms, um, it all depends upon your perspective.

That's the end of my story about the rabbit in the moon. I'm in a hurry.

This post had to be completed before the end of the month because it's someone's birthday.


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