Monday, October 14, 2019

OCT 2019 Full Moon Over Okinawa

astronomy, moon, Okinawa, Japan

Moon at 99.7% Full

Camera: Pentax K1

Lens: Pentax 300 MM with 1.4 Converter Focal Length 420 MM

Exposure:  f/16   1/13 sec   ISO 100

Location: Kin Town Okinawa Japan

Date and Time:  OCT 13 2019  6:57 PM

Friday, September 27, 2019

Smiling Crescent Moon Over Okinawa

astronomy, crescent, moon, Okinawa, smiling

New Moon Coming Soon

Early this morning while walking the dog I noticed the moon appeared to be smiling.

Just a little bit over 5 1/2% of the moon is visible. It's called a Waning Crescent.

The New Moon (which isn't visible) happens at 3:26 AM, the day after tomorrow.

Thinking, it may be raining for tomorrow's moon viewing, I shot this image today.

Camera: Pentax K1

Lens: Pentax 300 MM with 1.4 Converter for Focal Length 420 MM

Exposure: f/16   .8 sec   ISO 100

Location: Rooftop of my house in Kin Town Okinawa Japan

Date and Time: SEP 27 2019 5:10 AM

Checkout the moon phases in your hometown at my favorite Moon Phases Site.

Saturday, September 14, 2019

SEP 2019 Full Moon Over Okinawa

astronomy, full moon, Kin Town, Okinawa

Camera: Pentax K1

Lens: Pentax 300 MM with 1.4 converter Focal Length 420 MM

Exposure: f/5.6  1/500  ISO 100

Location: Kin Town Okinawa Japan

Date and Time:  SEP 14 2019  4:55 AM

Monday, August 19, 2019

What'n Hell Is a Faceburger?

First Time I Heard of It

That's exactly what I said one night in an entertainment district of Nago, Okinawa.

A gal who spoke English asked where I came from and I said, "Kin Town."

She said she likes to go there to buy Faceburgers. They sold them at King Tacos.

Her explanation was, "It's a hamburger, as big around as an Okinawan's face."

Now, you know what a Faceburger is, too.

food, Faceburger, hamburger, Kin Town, Okinawa, restaurants

Over the years, I've met many Okinawans, who call the huge hamburgers, Faceburgers.

They are getting hard to come by these days but, I found one to show you.

First I should explain something. Last night I went out and tipped a few too many.

Today, I was feeling rather extinguished. So, I decided to buy supper out in town.

That way the little lady, wouldn't have to fire up the stove and have a hot kitchen.

The burger on the right is a normal-sized hamburger. Mine is on the left.

That's a Faceburger from Gate 1 but, they call it Jumbo Burger.

Don't try ordering a Faceburger, young folks won't understand you. 

It's best to just point at things on the menu if, you can't speak the local language.

Burgers, Jumbo, menu, Gate-1, restaurant, Kin Town, Okinawa

Any of those 450 Yen Jumbo Burgers would be the Faceburger not, the 300 Yen size.

My favorite is the Jumbo Pork Cutlet Burger.

If they had a real USDA 100% Beef Hamburger I'd be willing to pay 10 bucks for one.

One of these days, I might have to open my own damn Faceburger Joint. Hah!

Gate-1, food, Kin Town, Okinawa, restaurant, menu

For folks interested in other types of junk food, I took these iPhone menu shots.

The staff at Gate-1 were nice to me and fixed my food in a hurry.

So, feeling not-as-extinguished as I did before eating, I thought I'd share the menus with y'all.

End of Report

Just Call Them Ladies of the Week

dance, festival, matsuri, children, women, Okinawa, Ogimi, torii

Ogimi Ungami 2019

 Ungami is a matsuri (festival) held in northern Okinawa on one of the hottest days of the year.

Luckily, some cloud cover and a gang of cooperative gals helped with the photography.

There is plenty of activity at this festival such as prayers, dance and boat races.

dance, festival, Ogimi, Okinawa, women

It can be frustrating, trying to compose decent photos at a matsuri.

Sometimes hundreds of photographers show up at these cultural events and, ruin the day.

Yesterday was no exception and we sneaked away from the crowds to find these ladies.

They were practicing dances before entering the congested area of the festival.

Prints will be made and brought to the Community Center, I promised.

The highlight of my day at the festival was being part of an audience of two, right here.

We were away from the crowds and got treated like royalty!

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Final Night of Obon 2019 in Okinawa

Full Moon and Eisa

Just a quick post to show some of last night's activity under the August full moon.

astronomy, Eisa, full-moon, Obon, Okinawa

This photo was taken shortly after 8 PM with 420 MM worth of lens on the Pentax K1.

Before leaving the house to chase Eisa, I climbed up on the roof for this shot.

That way, the heavy lens, and tripod could be left behind, to lighten my load.

dance, drums, Eisa, Obon, Okinawa

This group was performing in a parking lot, as I climbed the hill into town.

dance, drums, children, Eisa, Obon, Okinawa

Recently, children may be seen dancing and drumming along with the Eisa teams.

children, dance, drums, Eisa, Obon, Okinawa

Some of them have uniforms, just like the big guys.

dance, drums, Eisa, Obon, Okinawa

In town, you could hear the music and feel the ground shake.

dance, drums, jumping, Eisa, Okinawa

If there was an award for the best jumping act by an Eisa team, these guys would win!

By 11 PM I was exhausted from watching Eisa and headed home.

Of course, all that work made me hungry so, I grabbed a chicken salad going out of town.

10 Images from First 2 Days of Obon

When Ancestors Spirits Visit

The past few evenings I've been out chasing the Eisa teams in Kin Town.

A few times the moon at less than 100% full, peeked through the clouds.

Tonight is the final evening of Obon and, the full moon, as well.

astronomy, moon, Obon, Okinawa

Here's a shot of the moon taken from my house on the 13th of August 2019.

Not completely round, it's at about 98% full but, I figured it would be best to capture now.

A typhoon to the north has been bringing plenty of clouds over our island.

dance, drums, Eisa, Okinawa

Eisa photography actually began in the afternoon, where these characters performed.

It was at the old folks home in my neighborhood and the team was well received.

culture, dance, drums, Eisa, Okinawa

It would be after 9 PM before I saw any Eisa groups downtown

Notice, some little tykes are part of the Eisa crowd these days. 

It seems there are too many old folks and, not enough youngsters to perform Eisa these days!

culture, Chondara, Eisa, Okinawa

The Chondara (sort of a clown) entertains those on the sidelines.

They also, bring cold drinks to the Eisa dancers, to keep them energized on these hot nights.

dance, Eisa, girls, Obon, Okinawa

Narrow, dark streets are light up by floodlights on vehicles accompanying the Eisa groups.

Sometimes, the lighting blinds the dancers and photographers, too.

culture, dance, Obon, Okinawa

Close to 10:30 PM this dancer was well lighted in front of a white background.

He's performing in front of a restaurant, so new, I haven't figured out what it is named, yet.

astronomy, moon, Obon, Okinawa

Last night's moon was at a bit over 99% full so, I grabbed this shot, while I could.

The moon will be full at around 9:30 tonight but, may not appear over Okinawa.

Wait and see.

culture, dance, drums, Eisa, Okinawa

It's a good thing those drums are loud. We wouldn't want to see anyone fall asleep.

Look at the little guy (upfront), his eyes are wide open. It's past 10:30 PM.

dance, Eisa, drums, jumping, Okinawa, Obon

Some of the most energetic Eisa drummers you'll ever see, perform with this group.

They really know how to jump and shout.

Chondara, culture, dance, Eisa, Obon, Okinawa

Close to midnight, I photographed this Chondara and, got thinking.

It would be best, to hurry home and get some sleep.

That way, I'd be refreshed for the final night of moon and Obon photography.

To be continued.....

Friday, August 9, 2019

12 Images from 2019 Shinugu (シヌグ) in Ada Okinawa

culture, festival, matsuri, asagi, Okinawa, worship

Different Sort of Matsuri

Activities take place at several locations, during this festival, starting and ending here.

The straw-roofed structure is known as an asagi or Kami-Asagi.

Consider it a worship house, a place where a priestess prays to the sacred deities.

Arriving at the village of Ada a bit late, I missed the prayers at this location and moved on.

culture, drum, matsuri, trail, jungle, mountain, river, Okinawa, men

Being a bit late gave me an excuse to skip climbing the mountains in the blistering hot sun.

The men (decorated with vegetation) came down from the hills on a trail bordering the river.

Following the drummer, they are chanting "Hey, Ho, Hoi" or something like that.

drums, banana, field, men, women, rituals

Three groups of men following drummers, converge on this field bordered with banana plants.

Women are waiting in the open space, where the men circle around them.

culture, branches, field, men, beating, women

The guys used tree branches to shoo away evil spirits up in the hills above the village.

Down on the outskirts of town, they use the sticks to swat evil spirits out of their women!

It's not some sort of domestic violence. Just ritual smacks of the sticks on the gal's heads.

Look close enough and you can see them smiling or laughing.

At some of the homes in the village, I noticed mothers holding their children up to be swatted.

culture, men, matsuri, village, sacred, shrine, drums, Okinawa

A sacred grove, in the center of the village, is visited by the chanting, drumming men.

Only about five minutes is spent here circling the area before, shooing away evil spirits.

culture, festival, matsuri, Okinawa, ocean, prayer, men

Facing the sea, men kneel and pray for a good catch and safety during the season.

Rituals and prayers have been conducted in the fields, on the mountains, and along the shore.

culture, matsuri, Okinawa, ocean, stripping, swimming

After marching under the hot sun, it's time to get rid of the itchy decorations of the jungle.

A quick dip in the ocean cools our heroes off before they head back into town.

Many of them will jump in the river, to rinse off the saltwater before heading home.

About a three-hour break in the schedule takes place before the next events.

Evening Activities

Asagi, dance, rituals, Okinawa, matsuri

A field in front of the Kami-Asagi becomes center stage for the rest of the festival.

To the sound of Sanshin (3 stringed banjoes) a ritual dance is performed.

Women give the orders here, instructing men on the planting of rice.

climax, culture, dance, Okinawa, rituals, men, pole

Let's just call this a pole dance, the men are doing. Women are watching the men smiling, too.

When they poke that thing into the straw roof, I guess that could be considered the climax.

culture, dance, virgins, women, rituals, kimonos, barefoot, Okinawa, Shinugu

As the sun begins dipping below the mountains, women perform dances in their kimonos.

Ahum, eligible females would be wearing white uniforms. Other gals are leading the dance.

culture, dance, drum,Okinawa, Shinugu, women, nightime

Before long, it becomes dark outside and the dances become more quickly paced.

Visitors along the sidelines are sitting on mats eating and drinking alcoholic spirits.

Time for me, to put the cameras away and do some socializing before, heading home.

Monday, July 29, 2019

Night Heron in Flight

birds, Night Heron, Nycticorax, Okinawa, nature, wildlife

Photo Details

Camera: Pentax K1

Lens: Pentax 300MM + 1.4 converter Focal Length 420MM

Exposure: f/5.6 1/2000  ISO 400

Location: Kin Town Okinawa Japan

Date and Time:  JUL 29 2019 7:13AM

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Monday, July 22, 2019

12 Images from Eisa Matsuri 2019 in Kin Town Okinawa

Hundreds of Photos Were Taken

Yesterday two summer festivals (matsuri) took place at Kin Dam.

The Kin Dam Festival and the 20th annual Kin Eisa Matsuri were held in a dam park.

Chondara, Gajan Gani, festival, Eisa, Kin Dam, Okinawa

On a July afternoon the temperatures outside are almost unbearably sticky hot.

The Dam Matsuri took place from 10 AM until 5 PM.  I skipped that one!

Arriving early enough to check some camera positions out, I stayed mostly in the shade.

The smells of food cooking in festival tents, drifted over my way and was irresistible.

So, I went and gobbled some food (you don't want to hear about) down.

Then, walked over to these Chondara dudes and asked if, I could take their photo.

Chondara, also known as Gajan Gani, are sorta friendly clowns.

After showing them how the photo looked on the camera LCD screen I said "Thanks" and left.

dance, Eisa, festival, matsuri, children, Kin Town, Okinawa

There never used to be children, doing the Eisa dances at festivals, in years gone by.

But, recently you may see kids out dancing with the adults almost anywhere.

Not sure if these are sisters or, mother and daughter, I didn't bother to ask.

dance, Eisa, festival, Kin Dam, matsuri, Okinawa, child

Whoever the children are, they must practice plenty because they're really good.

The timing of their movements is excellent and, they even know how to chant and shout.

children, drums, dance, Eisa, festival, Kin Town, matsuri, Okinawa

It isn't just the young girl children out there; boys get in on the act too.

These guys bang the drums, just like the big men do and, they do some high stepping, too.

children, dance, Eisa, drums, festival, matsuri, Okinawa

One toddler was probably too small for the Eisa uniforms but, got to dance anyway.

Other little kids on the sidelines sorta kept cheering him on. Bet they envied him!

children, dance, Eisa, festival, Kin, matsuri, Okinawa

The light started fading as the sun crept down behind the mountains and I was glad.

A gentle breeze would soon start cooling things down out on that hot field.

It's difficult taking photos of the dancers, with all the guests surrounding the performers.

You're not allowed to just kick grandmas and grandpas, to get them out of the way. Rats.

Sundown Saved the Day

There are always plenty of people who know me, at these events and we get to chat.

The hardest part, is when they try bringing me some saki or beers.

Usually, I tell them I'm working and can't drink until I finish. They understand.

Chondara, Gajan Gani, Eisa, festival, Okinawa, matsuri

The Gajan Gani (Chondara/Clowns) from Nakagawa performed here.

They got their district started with the night's Eisa dances and, they were great performers.

Had there been a competition among the Eisa groups, these folks would have won!

children, dancers, Eisa, festival, matsuri, Okinawa

Nakagawa, had some little tyke drummers, too.

This would be the last group I photographed doing their dances. Time to leave the crowd.

Hanabi or Fireworks Next on the Schedule

Eisa, festival, matsuri, fireworks, hanabi, Kin, Okinawa

It happens to me all the time.  The fireworks go off right where you don't want them to be.

Heading away from the crowds, I set my camera and tripod up at the edge of a field.

The first few blasts took place almost directly overhead.

hanabi, festival, fireworks, Okinawa, matsuri

Knowing I probably wouldn't be getting any award winning photos, I didn't cuss.

All you can do is move the camera lens around and hope for the best.

It's alright to cuss, too. Just do it softly so, nobody can hear you. 


hanabi, fireworks, festival, Okinawa, matsuri

The wind was blowing but, all the smells and smoke of the fireworks hung in the air.

Next year if this matsuri is in the same location, I'll distance myself from the explosions.

Like, get up on a hill away from the fairgrounds and maybe get some reflections in water.

It was a festival at a dam. Why didn't I think about reflection shots?  Dammit!

hanabi, festival, fireworks, Kin, Okinawa, matsuri, sunflower

My parting shot. I'll call it, "Sunflower."