Sunday, August 21, 2016

A Quick Trip to a Festival in Ogimi Okinawa

sabani boats, Japanese flags, oars, reflecting in water

Not Quite 1,000 Photos Were Taken



Last night's festival in Kin Town had me going home with over 1,500 images.

Too tired, to walk back to the office and download the camera, I got an idea.

Strap the camera to my body and celebrate, with the rest of the festival-goers.

The Pentax and I were safely home by 2:30AM.

A body needs lots of liquids during the hot days of August.  My choice was beer.

Somehow, I woke up and saw, Doc had text messaged me, to make sure, I'd  be ready.

If you sleep hard and fast, 4 hours is enough.  So, that's what I did.

Cold shower, iced coffee , let the dog out, grab the camera and, off I went.

The batteries were charged, images downloaded and, I was developing when, Doc arrived.

To the Northern Village We Went

It wasn't quite, half past noon when I shot the photos of boats reflecting on the bay.

The sun was blazing hot and, there wasn't much wind or shade.

We had a few hours, to kill, before any activity (we wanted to see) would happen.

 On one of the back-roads, we went and watched some gals, practice their dancing.

It's always fun, to meet them and, see if you can make friends.

That way, when the real deal, takes place, they won't be shy around the cameras.

women dancing, costumes, straw headwear

Close to two, in the afternoon, all the women started dancing, along the shoreline.

It's been about five years, since the last time we attended this event.

Surprisingly, some folks still remembered us.

women and young girls dancing,chanting, sand, drums

It seems like, more and more, young children, participate these days.

The last time, in this crowd,  women were intoxicated and, trying to get me to drink.

The only booze, I smelled today, was on me and, other dudes.

females in ocean, costumes, drums, cheering

At two, in the afternoon the gals go into the water but, not very far.

Just enough, to get their underparts wet, I guess.

They start beating drums, chanting and cheering the sabani boat teams, from their districts.

boats, paddles, racing, women cheering, gif

There are other activities, such as praying and sumo wrestling at ths festival.

We decided enough vitamin D was pumped into out bodies and decided, to head for home.

The event is called Unjami or, Ungami and, you can learn more about it HERE.

My cameras are recharged and, I'm about to leave this office, to do likewise.

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