Friday, August 5, 2016

Travel GIF: Ferry Headed to Iheya Island from Unten Port Motobu Okinawa

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Planning an Island Hopping Trip



Today, I was out with a professor, doing the kind of investigation I love best.

Anyone can get online and make plans for future events but, you can't believe the internet.

It's best to go out and see things for yourself and, talk to real people so, that's what we do.

Where the Flip-flops Meet the Road


The first thing on the list of things to do, was locate a monument, I heard about.

Well, with the help of some locals, who speak local dialect, we got it done.

While, I was up there, I noticed the ferry leaving the port and, shot this series of photos.

The professor, mentioned, we should go visit Iheya island sometime soon.

My only question was, "With or, without the women ?  That makes a big difference in plans."

He agreed.  That's because, he has similar experience, to me. 

See, guys can sleep in tents, caves, on park benches or, almost anywhere.

The gals, want luxury hotels, shopping trips, steak dinners, flowers and, souvenirs.

Gathering Travel Information Links 


Chris Willson Made the trip, with some other photographers and, wants to return.

And, he brought up a good point. There were no fantastic sunrises or sunsets.

That's enough reason for me, to make it a couple of days visit.

Camping and reasonable prices for renting transportation, I found here

But, it was written in 2012 so, I'd have to check and, make sure things haven't changed.

This article, written last year, gives some ideas, of the kinds of things, I like to do.

Culture, history and, taking little boats, to uninhabited islands, nearby. Yeah. 

Costs for passengers and vehicles on the ferry - Okinawa Island Guide.

Tips for Izena and Ieheya from Ippei and Janie is another great source.

Formulating the Plan 


When, I do all the math, I figure it would be under 500 bucks for a few fun-filled days.

Throw a wife or two, into the formula and, things get a little more expensive.

So, we need to let the women know a few things about the journey.

The ferry boat, bounces around in the sea for, something like an hour and a half.

There's really nothing, they would want to see, over on that remote island.

They don't have any great places to do shopping so, it wouldn't be much fun.

We could give, each of them 300 bucks, to waste on this island, shopping and, stuff.

Then, just the guys make the trip for three days and, everybody would be happy !

Come home, with a gazillion photos of the great outdoors and a nice sunburn.

And, still have enough money leftover, for a month's supply of Orion Beers ! 

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