Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Animation: Green Grass Lizard

Takydromus smadagdinus, lizard, gif

Hanging Out in a Shrub



This character used up about 20GB on one SD card from my Pentax, today.

While the card was downloading, I went back outside for some fresh air.

The light was right so, I grabbed another SD card and the camera, for round two.

Some people have been getting this lizard mixed up with a house gecko.

This is a Takydromus smaragdinus and, it doesn't live indoors.

Hours, were spent, hoping to catch some photos of the critter on some rocks.

But, it spent the entire day, scurrying around in this small tree.

It has some extremely long toes for climbing but, I don't believe, they have suction cups.

So, I doubt, this individual, could walk on a ceiling, as house geckos do.

The images in the GIF were taken with the Pentax K1.

A 300MM lens was used along with a tripod.

Exposure:  f/4   1/320   ISO 400 

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