Friday, August 26, 2016

Animated (GIF) of Takydromus Lizard

Takydromus smaragdinus lizard in a shrub, gif

Appears to Be a Youngster



Today was the first time, I ever noticed one of these, high in a shrub.

Just back from a camera walk with the 50MM lens, I was lucky to catch these shots.

Knowing, it would be gone, before I could run, to change lenses, I fired away.

The images would have turned out much sharper, using a big lens. 

Sometimes, you have to make-do-with-what-you've-got or, come home with no photos at all.

While I was outback shooting, the landlord came by, to get something out of his car.

He looked at me funny and, I could tell, he was wondering, what I was doing.

At the time, I couldn't remember, how to say "lizard" in Japanese.

So, I just said, "Konnichiwa" and waited until he was gone.

Then, took the camera and hopped up into the rock garden, to get a bit closer.

It scared the lizard and, it scampered away, real fast.

That gave me plenty of ass shots, which I won't post  here.

They are important items, for the scientific community, showing necessary details.

Anybody, other than scientists, who wants detailed ass shots of lizards, can contact me.

Payment can be arranged through PayPal or, via the postal system.

Large denominations of unmarked bills, in US currency, are preferred.

This lizard appears to be a Takydromus smaragdinus.

Lizard, in Japanese is トカゲ (tokage) for those learning the language.

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