Monday, August 8, 2016

Okinawan Eisa Dance in Kin Town

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This team of Eisa dancers is kind of special to me and, I had to make sure, I shot the girls.

Last year my granddaughter was out there with them.

She couldn't join this year because, she's off to some beauty school.

When she was out there, I got orders from the Supreme Commander of my house.

If, I failed to get images of family, I would probably be in solitary confinement.

So, ladies in pink kimonos, always get my attention and, I shoot them, close-up.

Nakagawa Eisa, team, flag, pennant, dancers, drums, kimonos, costumes

Backing off, I stood on a slightly elevated spot to capture the whole team, dancing.

Normally, I would take a couple of cameras, lenses and a tripod to an event like this.

Yesterday, I traveled light; no tripod and, just one camera with a zoom lens.

It had been raining, on and off, all day and, I wondered if, the festival would be cancelled.

It poured down a few times and, everybody ran for cover or, opened umbrellas.

child, boy, Eisa, drums, dance, stage, field, seated guests

It wasn't raining, while this scene was photographed and, I'm glad.

Look at that little guy, to the left. He's beating a drum and dancing, just like the big fellows !

If all those seated in the audience, opened umbrellas, I would have missed the kid.

stage, musicians, girls, guys, Eisa, dance, drums, audience, umbrellas

Notice, the umbrellas and, folks moving around in the crowd, for this image.

A little sprinkle of rain feels good in August, to me and probably, to the dancers, too.

As long as, you keep water drops off the glass, Pentax cameras work great, in the rain !

chondara, Eisa, drums, dancers, men, musicians, stage, barefoot

Getting a little bit closer to the stage, you can see the musicians, playing sanshins.

And, the barefooted guy (chondara) gave me an idea for next year.

Why wear stuff on your feet, when it rains ?

Dancing around barefooted, in the wet grass, must feel great on a hot summer day !

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