Sunday, August 14, 2016

Looking Forward to AUG 2016 Full Moon

moon in blue sky with passing white clouds

Hope for Clear Skies



Tomorrow Obon Season starts and, lasts for the next three days.

Like many activities on island, this event is scheduled according to the Lunar calendar.

Tonight, after 5:30 I went out and shot the moon, to create this animated GIF.

The moon isn't quite full yet but, it will be soon. 

If, you're in the Ryukyu Island Chain, I can give you 3 good reasons to get out at night. 

1:  It's lots cooler outdoors, after the blazing sun goes down.

2:  Eisa groups will be out, dancing, chanting, whistling and beating drums.

3:  If you're lucky and, in the right position, you might be able to catch them under the full moon.

Here's some links, giving the August 2016 full moon schedule:

Farmer's Almanac says it will be at 5:26AM on AUG 18.

Moongiant gives us, AUG 18 at 09:27 UTC.

Has the full moon listed on AUG 18th and, says this:

"It will peak at 5:27 a.m. EDT (0927 GMT), but will appear full to the casual stargazer a day prior and after the peak day."

Time and Date says, the full moon will be on AUG 18th at 18:26.

Check all the resources for the best time, to view the moon at your location.

A Little Tip

The wife has a Chinese/Lunar calendar, hanging on the fridge and, I always mark it.

It says the full moon, this month, is on the 17th of August.

Wednesday night is the last day of Obon in Okinawa and, the ancestors, return to the heavens.

The spirits, depart under the light of the full moon.

Can you guess what I'll be doing the night of the 17th ?

Maybe, doing stuff like, pretending to be a casual stargazer, the night prior to the moon's peak !


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