Monday, August 22, 2016

Girls Dancing with Kama (かま) -- Weapons or Tools ?

men with hoes, women with grass cutting tools, dance

An Impressive Dance



Sunday night, I knew there would be plenty more Eisa dancing, to shoot.

At the start of this festival there was all sorts of modern dance.

Students of the art, were doing some sort of hip hop, pop kinds of things.

Not wild about rap and hip hop, I took photos anyway, just to be polite, I guess.

This Act was Different 


It's hard work, peeking through a camera viewfinder.

After shooting a few dozen frames, put the camera down and, enjoyed this.

An old classic Okinawan song and dance, were modernized here and, I liked it.

Their instructor was nearby, watching all the dances and, coaching the youngsters.

There wasn't time, for me to go over and talk to him. I have a few questions.

What's the name of the dance school and where is it located?

How can I get some of my grandchildren signed-up, to go there?

And, "Do you teach those kids, to use those implements as tools or, weapons?"

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