Monday, August 15, 2016

It Started at a Gas Station

Eisa at an ESSO Station, dancers, chondara, kimonos

My Night's Work



Drums could be heard all day but, I didn't head out with the camera until 4:30PM.

The Nakagawa Eisa group was supposed to dance here, around 5PM and, I got there early.

It's a good thing. They would be done dancing and chanting before five o'clock.

Quickly, I put this animated GIF together and, will be heading downtown again, shortly.

The ancestral spirits are welcomed home to a feast and festivities.

The young Eisa groups will probably be out dancing throughout the night.

So, I'm going to out and see how many, I can capture with the camera and lens.

Sometimes, I wish, someone with a video camera would come along with me.

The video function, on my cameras, never gets turned on because, that's not my style.

Thet gal in the striped, chondara uniform can whistle like, you wouldn't believe.

She sounds like a whippoorwill on steroids !

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