Friday, August 19, 2016

Okinawa Obon Eisa at Night

drummers, street, evening, beating handheld drums

5 Animated GIFs of Evening Dancing



The streets were alive with music and chants this week and, there's more to come.

It would be impossible to photograph them all but, I gave it about 5000 attempts.

young women dancing in the street

 The girls dance to the rhythm in kimonos and flip-flops.

male dancer jumps in air, gif

Energetic drummers, dance and, jump into the air. 

guys and gals doing Eisa in the street, Kin Town

In the early hours, you may see children, costumed and, dancing with their parents.

Eisa group, large red drum

Some folks, might say, the music is loud enough to wake the dead.

Well, it's a festival, held yearly, to welcome the ancestral spirits back home !

Wednesday night was Ukui (last day of Obon) and, the spirits departed for the heavens.

Catching up on photo processing, I'll be taking the night off and, relaxing.

Tomorrow night, there's a festival, going on in Kin Town.

And, I'll be out shooting Eisa groups, all over again !

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