Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Typhoon Lionrock Gave Me an Idea

Like a Drunk Monkey



The unpredictable storm, won't hold a steady course and, I have work to do.

It's hard to plan the week's schedule when, you don't know what the weather's doing.

 Today, I made sure plenty of storm candles are available to use.

gif, burning candle, black background

These things come in handy, when the electrical power goes out.

There hasn't been a power outage, due to a storm, in a long time, around here.

Two boxes of these things, are stored on a shelf in my office and, two more at home.

They've been laying around for a few years so, I made sure they still work.

It's a good idea, to test one out and, make sure, it didn't get waterlogged.

Worse than that, some critters could have eaten the wicks and, the candles wouldn't light.

Everything's Good to Go


First, I melted the wax, on the bottom and, stuck the candle to a can of tuna fish.

A black background was propped-up behind it and, I grabbed a camera.

Once the candle was lit, I played mini typhoon with the flame.

All that took, was opening and closing windows and moving fans around a bit.

An animated GIF was created  and, I'll practice some more if, a real typhoon ever hits.

There must be two dozen candles in my office but, only one can of tuna.

So, I best buy a few more and some potato chips, just in case.

If, the storm goes away and, my emergency supplies, don't get used, that will be OK.

Candles will get put back in their boxes and tuna cans, fit in my backpack.

Sometime, I'll show you, how to do a canned tuna fish and, potato chip dinner. 

It's a classic meal, I invented and, you can substitute things in the recipe.

Sometimes, I use Ritz Crackers with cheese, instead of chips.

And, I'm tempted, to try adding pizza sauce, to the mix for, a little variety.

Keep an eye on the weather satellites and, watch the typhoons.

Don't worry about me. I'm safe and, never run out of things to keep me occupied !

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