Tuesday, June 29, 2010

You Are The Boss


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Contest, Guest Blog, Photo Theft and Other Important Stuff- Even SEO

If you want to get rich writing your own blog, hold a contest, have a guest blogger and pay attention to SEO. This is stuff I read all the time on the internet. Getting rich, SEO, Contests and Guest Bloggers are requirements and if you don't pay attention to Mr. SEO, guess what?  You'll never get rich !
The other stuff in the title, I just threw up there to fill up the empty space. Big Titles, long ones, they should count for something, too so, that's where the idea of Important Stuff came from. Photo Theft- happens all the time.

Well, I'm not ready to hold a contest on any of my blogs, yet. Really wouldn't mind having a Guest Blogger, every day of the week. That  would be fine with me. But, I can't afford to be paying people to Guest Blog so, what I did was go to someone else's blog, even found one with a Contest mentioned on the blog. Then, I did what photo thieves do. I stole the whole blog, picture and all !

What's nice about this, is if I get sued, I'll hit DELETE real quick and pretend it never happened.

The Most Haunting Place in the Pacific, that's the title and it's much more interesting writing than I'll probably ever get accused of doing.

My writing is a little easier on the eyes, though. Just in case you haven't already guessed, I'm in kinda a hurry. I want to fill up this page, get to the bottom and give you a link so you can read the original blog post and maybe, even you can enter the same contest. Check out Sophie's World and you'll probably be able to read my first Guest Blog, Contest, I'll make you rich post alot better over there. Don't forget to Stumble/Tweet and whatever else you can get away with while visiting. Vote, if you can. I have to go brush up on my SEO and other important stuff.