Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Flower Photos and a Tip For When You Travel: Be Flexible

When you arrive at your destination and the flower fields look like this

but, you were hoping for something like this.

 Just be flexible.

Pick on one flower, or a group of flowers and play with the aperture settings on your camera.

This photo was taken with an aperture of 4.5

Notice, the background is blurred.

The camera is mounted on a tripod and here's another shot at f/11.

See the background coming in a bit sharper ?

The same scene with an aperture of f/16 gives even more details in the background.

A final photo at f/22 makes the background sharper, yet.

The iris fields in Okinawa, Japan aren't ready for me, yet.

I'm lucky. I live only about an hour's drive away so, it doesn't cost me much to travel there.

If I was paying big bucks to travel and see the iris fields when they weren't in full bloom,

here's a little secret I'll tell you


So, remember my travel photo tip.  Just be flexible.

PS: Somebody from THE AMERICAN IRIS SOCIETY started looking at my iris photos. 

You should take a look at their Facebook page and LIKE them.

Now, I have to get on out of here and see if I can get some better iris pictures.

Who knows ?  Maybe a bunch of iris lovers will like My Page, Too !

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