Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Travel Photo: Whatcha Think You're Doin' Back There Mr ?

Today's Travel Photo Thursday shot was taken by RyukyuRu, unbeknownst to me.

But, I'm glad he emailed it today because it's a good example of something we forget as foreigners, sometimes, when we're out and about with our cameras.

People are watching you !

The photo was taken at an athletic field in Uruma City Okinawa, Japan.

A couple of teachers had a bunch of schoolkids out on a field trip.

They ain't exactly the kind of wildlife I was looking forward to shooting.

So, I went around behind the building where there was some shade.

There I was, facing the ocean, just getting ready to uncover my camera.

Not only was I clueless about the photo, I didn't know that kid was watching me, either.

He very well could have been saying, "Whatcha think you're doin' back there Mr ?"

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