Wednesday, March 7, 2012

RyukyuMike Gets a Good Dose of Healthy Food (Photos)

Now, you all know, I'm not in the habit of running around giving restaurant reviews.

After a hard night of shooting some band performing at a Live House and tipping a few beers,  I wasn't sure what I wanted to eat today.

RyukyuRusty showed up around noon and we grabbed cameras and hit the road.

We decided to get out of town and look for someplace to eat.

Someplace different.

We had heard about this place months ago but, never managed to find it.

Going up the stone stairway, you get the feeling there's going to be a castle up there.

It's an old Okinawan traditional style house. 

There's nothing flashy outside to lure you in, except a wooden sign that says,

Walking up to the front door, I started to think we made a mistake.

Like, what if this place isn't the restaurant we thought it was ?

Being I'm the one who's most experienced  at making mistakes, I opened the door and peeked in while yelling, "Gomenkudasai".  That's sort of like saying, "Excuse me.  Anybody home"?

Looking around the place, I was just getting ready to run because I was sure this was somebody's private residence.  Sure enough if we didn't get out of there real quick, Rusty and I would wind up in the slammer.  
But, before I could push him out of my way to bolt through the sliding door, out of a back room came this nice lady and she welcomed us into her Cafe.

After placing an order, I asked if I could shoot some photos of the place.

Not sure what I was really ordering, I told the owner I'm allergic to shellfish.

She told me not to worry.  There's no meat or fish in any of the servings.

That was my first clue, I was going to get healthy food.

Look at this table with a charcoal burner built in to it.

There isn't any grease around, anywhere. Maybe, it's just for show.

Next time I go back, I'll find out.

Well, I burnt my tongue on that miso soup.  So, told the gal I'd shoot a few more pictures while it cooled off.  
She was really friendly and kept asking if we needed refills on water.

Everything on that tray is either a vegetable, or herb grown on the premises.

The flower was edible, she told me.  So, I ate it, too.

She noticed I was having a little trouble eating some of the crunchy veggies.

It wasn't her fault.  I told her I left my teeth at home, soaking in a cup.

We had a few good laughs while we were there.

And promised to bring our ladies the next time we need a good dose of healthy food.

Everything was tasty but, it got me wondering.

Do you suppose RyukyuMike could ever turn into a vegetarian ?


Doc said...

Dokko desuka???

Japan-Australia said...

Wow! Would never believe that it was a restaurant heading up to it and seeing that traditional building. Looks like an amazing place to eat :)

Japan Australia

JT said...

Awesome! Would you be willing to give up directions? Just a general location would be great and I can find it. Doumo..

RyukyuMike said...


It was pretty awesome !

RyukyuMike said...

Sure. If you are a local follower, simply join my Facebook Page. We can chat more easily over there and there's even one of those Google Map It Okinawa Dudes who's lots better at giving directions.

Map It! Okinawa said...

Yeah no kidding...get that Map It! Dude on this...

I should email him this post to get him on it. Light a little fire under his butt or something.

Tom T. Cruz

Anonymous said...

Great post .Looks like beautiful . :)

RyukyuMike said...

Thanks. Sorry your other comment didn't get posted. You know the one where ya tried to sneak a URL in on me. Advertising ain't free here !