Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My Trip Advisor Travel Map Needs 100 More Places

Here is my Trip Advisor Travel Map.

You can view an enlargeable version at TripAdvisor Profile-RyukyuMike.

Just do what the Google Map Dude tells you to Explore the Full Map.  It's fun ! 

There are 100 places listed that I told them I've been.

There are probably several 100 more places I've been that I ain't telling anyone about.

Today, over on my FACEBOOK PAGE, someone made the comment:

"I just took a quick look at all your reviews.  Thanks for sharing!!!
There is not enough on Trip Advisor about Okinawa."

So, here's what I plan on doing,

There have to be at least 100 more places around here, somewhere in Okinawa, Japan
that need somebody to do Trip Advisor Reviews.

Just grab some cameras to go on out there and getterdun.

That way you can see 100 more places I've been on my travel map.

And, while you're snooping around in there, get you a Trip Advisor Travel Map, too!

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