Thursday, August 15, 2019

Final Night of Obon 2019 in Okinawa

Full Moon and Eisa

Just a quick post to show some of last night's activity under the August full moon.

astronomy, Eisa, full-moon, Obon, Okinawa

This photo was taken shortly after 8 PM with 420 MM worth of lens on the Pentax K1.

Before leaving the house to chase Eisa, I climbed up on the roof for this shot.

That way, the heavy lens, and tripod could be left behind, to lighten my load.

dance, drums, Eisa, Obon, Okinawa

This group was performing in a parking lot, as I climbed the hill into town.

dance, drums, children, Eisa, Obon, Okinawa

Recently, children may be seen dancing and drumming along with the Eisa teams.

children, dance, drums, Eisa, Obon, Okinawa

Some of them have uniforms, just like the big guys.

dance, drums, Eisa, Obon, Okinawa

In town, you could hear the music and feel the ground shake.

dance, drums, jumping, Eisa, Okinawa

If there was an award for the best jumping act by an Eisa team, these guys would win!

By 11 PM I was exhausted from watching Eisa and headed home.

Of course, all that work made me hungry so, I grabbed a chicken salad going out of town.

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