Thursday, August 15, 2019

10 Images from First 2 Days of Obon

When Ancestors Spirits Visit

The past few evenings I've been out chasing the Eisa teams in Kin Town.

A few times the moon at less than 100% full, peeked through the clouds.

Tonight is the final evening of Obon and, the full moon, as well.

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Here's a shot of the moon taken from my house on the 13th of August 2019.

Not completely round, it's at about 98% full but, I figured it would be best to capture now.

A typhoon to the north has been bringing plenty of clouds over our island.

dance, drums, Eisa, Okinawa

Eisa photography actually began in the afternoon, where these characters performed.

It was at the old folks home in my neighborhood and the team was well received.

culture, dance, drums, Eisa, Okinawa

It would be after 9 PM before I saw any Eisa groups downtown

Notice, some little tykes are part of the Eisa crowd these days. 

It seems there are too many old folks and, not enough youngsters to perform Eisa these days!

culture, Chondara, Eisa, Okinawa

The Chondara (sort of a clown) entertains those on the sidelines.

They also, bring cold drinks to the Eisa dancers, to keep them energized on these hot nights.

dance, Eisa, girls, Obon, Okinawa

Narrow, dark streets are light up by floodlights on vehicles accompanying the Eisa groups.

Sometimes, the lighting blinds the dancers and photographers, too.

culture, dance, Obon, Okinawa

Close to 10:30 PM this dancer was well lighted in front of a white background.

He's performing in front of a restaurant, so new, I haven't figured out what it is named, yet.

astronomy, moon, Obon, Okinawa

Last night's moon was at a bit over 99% full so, I grabbed this shot, while I could.

The moon will be full at around 9:30 tonight but, may not appear over Okinawa.

Wait and see.

culture, dance, drums, Eisa, Okinawa

It's a good thing those drums are loud. We wouldn't want to see anyone fall asleep.

Look at the little guy (upfront), his eyes are wide open. It's past 10:30 PM.

dance, Eisa, drums, jumping, Okinawa, Obon

Some of the most energetic Eisa drummers you'll ever see, perform with this group.

They really know how to jump and shout.

Chondara, culture, dance, Eisa, Obon, Okinawa

Close to midnight, I photographed this Chondara and, got thinking.

It would be best, to hurry home and get some sleep.

That way, I'd be refreshed for the final night of moon and Obon photography.

To be continued.....

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