Sunday, September 11, 2011

Shuri Castle Day and Night at the Moon Viewing Festival

It was a busy day and night for me at Shuri Castle in Naha Okinawa, Japan today.  I got there early because I knew the place would get crowded and I wanted to make sure I could find a parking space.

Other people, like these tourists got there early so they could pose and jump in front of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, I guess.

When too many visitors started getting into the courtyard, I just started aiming my camera higher.

As the sun began setting, clouds rolled in.  That's not a good sign when you're having a full moon party.

The lighting crew did a fine job of illuminating the castle.  This was the first time I've ever been to Shuri Castle at night and got a chance to take photos out from under the blazing, hot sun.
The dragons on the roof look great lit up with spotlights while a dark sky serves as a background.
They had some sort of competition to select a King and Queen. All five of the girls were pretty.

The guys, ahem, ahum, I had to save my batteries and SD cards in case the moon came out.

You probably should ask a girl if she took any pictures of the guys. I had more important stuff to do.

Walking around to some of the other castle gates, I kept hoping the moon would peek through the clouds.
It showed up a few times but, it wasn't going to give me one of those see-the-craters type of shots.

This was one of my favorite photos of the night and shortly after I took this shot I decided to leave.

It's a good thing they lighted up the trail for me because it was a long walk back to where I parked.

Hah !  Right now it is 1:15 Monday morning.  My batteries are charged and I'm all set for tomorrow's Full Moon Festival.  I enjoyed Shuri Castle's Moon Viewing and got some photos of the place looking like I've never seen it before but, I'm beat. It was a two hour drive each way to Naha.

Tomorrow's Full Moon Festival is within walking distance of my home.  And I know they'll have beer !

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