Monday, September 26, 2011

Name That Shroom or A Fungi ID (Photos) and a Freebie

Two months ago I shot these photos of mushrooms in Ada Okinawa, Japan.
Just trying to get caught up here so, I decided to research shrooms a bit.  Hah !

There must be more types of mushrooms than types of people on this planet.  I give up.

There are plenty of mushroom ID sites online but, they want you to email them a photo and probably sign up, create a password, account, profile and all that stuff.  PHBtttt.  Nope !

Mushrooms, in the wild, can kill you if you eat them and you grabbed the wrong kind.

People even eat or smoke mushrooms thinking they're just putting good hallucinogens in their bodies.

Well, I wasn't planning on eating the things, being the non fungi-eating creature I am.

It'd just be nice if someone could tell me the name of this shroom, or fungi, whatever it is so, I can give it a proper title.

Now, if you or some fungus association can give me an ID, or name for this shroom
I'd be willing to email a file suitable for printing to the first one who names that shroom.

Thataway, I don't need a buncha new accounts, passwords, profiles and all that jazz and the winner gets to hang some free fungus on their wall !


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