Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Streets of Kudaka Island for Thursday's Travel Photos

These photos were taken on the Island of Kudaka-Jima.  It is the island where the people of Okinawa, Japan believe life originated.  I had heard the legends of this Ryukyu Garden of Eden way back in the last century as a college student but, had never set foot on the ground until October 2011.  I told you all, I would go there someday and shoot some closer-up pictures in the caption of THIS PHOTO OF THE WEEK.  So, that's what I did, hopped on a boat one day with a camera and tripod (Oops, forgot to tell the Missus) and went over there just for a few hours.

They had paved streets.  That kind of surprised me.

But, there wasn't much traffic on the roads.

It was no problem setting up a tripod in the middle of any street.

People started using those modern construction materials, like blocks, instead of stones and they even have indoor plumbing, drain pipes and those newfangled manhole covers.

All that stuff, downtown, wasn't what I'd expected to see.  Moving away from the residential/commercial district of the island, things got a lot better.

There's a whole lot more of Kudaka-jima to see once you get off the city streets.

If you want to see some of what lies beyond the streets of Kudaka-jima, I've 

There is plenty more about this island undergoing research at the present time and a few hundred more photos on file waiting to be published.  Maybe, someday I'll get hooked up with one of those government, or education researchers from Okinawa Prefecture so they can do all the writing.  Then, I could just continue my island hopping with the cameras and shoot photos of the whole Ryukyu Island Chain.  That'd be a lot more fun !

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