Thursday, November 17, 2011

Jiminy Cricket, Give Wikipedia's Jimmy Wales Some Change !

Just in case you haven't already noticed, Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, keeps showing up on the top of the page whenever you visit. That's got to be pretty tiring.

Well, Jiminy Cricket, if everybody just gives him a little change, he can quit popping up on the page and go do more important stuff.

It's real easy to make a donation and he isn't asking for much so, I gave up some pocket change.

Admit it.  Everybody who reads and has a question they want answered goes to Wikipedia.

Whenever I run across a critter,  such as in the photo above,  I want to know if it's a cricket or a grasshopper.  So, I go to Wikipedia.  Somebody there knows.

This character jumped on my keyboard while I was having a coffee break.

Could be a Jiminy Cricket.  Could be a grasshopper.  Wikipedia knows.

Right now, I'm too busy.  Important things need doin'.  Can you check for me ?

Go on over and make a donation so Jimmy Wales can quit poppin' up, too.  It only takes a minute.  Just click on my THANKS WIKIPEDIA BANNER below and someone will help you.

OK ?

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Ryan said...

Why doesn't Jimmy boy just put up some ads on Wikipedia, with the traffic he receives he'd make a fortune.

Sherry said...

They look so much different up close than they look from afar. And yet, those big set of eyes are still scary. Yikes!

RyukyuMike said...

Who knows? Maybe he already had a fortune and donated somewhere else !

Aw, I thought they were cute.
Did you know some people eat crickets ?