Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Don't Let the Huntsman Spider (Heteropoda venatoria) Scare You

Heteropoda venatoria,Huntsman spider

Harmless to Humans



It's one of the few spiders found in Okinawa that doesn't spin webs.

If you spot one around your house, consider yourself lucky.

They eat cockroaches.


This rascal was spotted out by the back door to my office, today.

Hopefully, it's guarding the place so, no bugs can get in.

Huntsman spider, outdoors

Luckily, I had time to grab a camera and flash to capture it for you.

Brown Huntsman spider

If my wife or, the gals next door see this spider, it's a goner.

They squish or, spray the poor things like they are some sort of natural enemy.

spider, flip-flop,scale

This one is probably only half grown.

There's one of my flip-flops, to give a sense of scale.

When they grow up, they can be as large as a human's hand.

What would you rather have, one of these or, 100 cockroaches in your house?


1 comment:

Lee C said...

That's an Okinawan Brown Spider. Harmless, albeit scary looking. I see these almost everyday near my house in Okinawa. I don't mind them so much anymore.