Sunday, August 24, 2014

Passing Through a Protest in Okinawa: Motion GIFs

Saturday Picnic Atmosphere



Most foreigners would probably have enough sense to avoid these rallies.

And, that's not such a bad idea. 

Okinawan protestors, aren't criminals, though and, are usually peaceful demonstrators.


The highway we were taking north, yesterday had some folks out protesting.

Rather than, take a detour and, miss out on the excitement, we drove through it.

With the whole back seat to myself, I got a chance to shoot through the windows of my choice.

Traffic,  slowed down somewhat but, the delay wasn't too long.

Too bad, we were on a different assignment and, couldn't spend the day here.

It's fun, taking pictures of all the people wearing different colors.

Getting along with these folks, is no problem, for me.

They may have all kinds of issues to protest about but, I don't take sides.

Taking photos, is what I do and, if somebody seems a little grumpy, I handle it.

Just say stuff like, "Aloha or, Merry Christmas."

Then, they know, you aren't some government worker and, you are OK.

A Political Columnist

This morning, there was an article in the Japan Times, about this event.

Somebody named, Jon Mitchell saw things, much differently than, me.

If you are into that sort of stuff, read it.

He says, there were over 3,500 protestors and all kinds of stuff, I didn't see.

Like, over 100 boats, Tokyo sent to scare protestors away from the ocean.  Hah !

It makes me wonder.  Was he really there ?

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