Monday, August 4, 2014

5 More Action GIFs from an Eisa Festival and Drinking Afterwards

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And A New Word in the Vocabulary



First, a little explanation about how these photos get done.

When I attend one of these events, I'm not out there having fun; it's work.

To get the best photos, you have to move around a lot.

The idea, for me, is to compose photos that make travelers want to visit these festivities.

GIF, drums,costumes, dancing

My cameras, are never in Auto Mode.

All exposure settings are made manually so, I am continuously checking the light meter.

And, most of the time, using a tripod to steady the shots.

girls,pink kimonos,dance,fans

Sometimes, the camera gets ripped off the tripod and, I have to sit on the ground.

The knees and elbows become my bi-pod.

There's no telling who the lady in pink, might be but, she enjoyed having her picture taken.

girls, kimonos,fans,dance

 This part of the Eisa dance, I haven't figured out, yet.

One of these days, I'll have to ask one of my dance instructor friends about it.

Maybe, they are simulating the planting of rice.

After, shooting the photos above, I decided to move where the sun was behind me.

girls, Eisa dance,kimonos,fans,Japan

Not too wild about using flash, I wanted to get as many natural light shots as I could.

When the sun went down, I was in the office, downloading cameras.

After a few hours in the sun, air conditioning felt great.

Some amazing photos were captured so, it was a productive day for me and I'm happy.

Next Came Nominication Time



It's the way a lot of business is conducted in Japan.

Take the Japanese word for drinking: nomi.

Then, combine it with the English word: communication and you get: nominication.

Well, I have unknowingly been doing that for decades but, just learned the word, recently.

 Now, I know what to tell the missus, the next time I'm out 'til 4AM.

In this sort of business, you have to do plenty of nominicating ! 

If you think I'm joking: READ THIS

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