Sunday, August 10, 2014

Favorite GIFs: Second Night of Obon in Kin Town

Early Evening Eisa



The sights and sounds of Eisa during Obon are something no traveler should miss.

Last night, I got out early, looking for some new angles, before the sun went down.

Eisa drummers, chondara,festival

From above, here's a birds eye view showing some of the action.

In the blue robe, a chondara, visits the drummers.

He's offering them something to drink. It might or, might not, be water.

Descending the stairway, I was on, got me closer to the action at ground level.

When you get this close, you have to be careful and, leave the dancers some room.

Nobody wants to see you accidentally get whacked on the head with a drumstick.

  The Eisa dancers chant fairly loudly.

And, you may be able to catch the scent of what they've been drinking.  Not water.

Eisa drummers,GIF

If you were a mile away, you could still hear those drums.

But, you might mistake the noise for thunder.

girls, Eisa dance

Across the street from the stairway where, I took photo No. 1, I shot these girls.

They are much more graceful than the dudes with the drums.

But, they sing and chant, loudly sometimes, too.

An Amazing Little Guy Joined the Eisa Dancers



To capture the images of him meant, getting way down low, on the ground.

 He hasn't had the years of experience, others have, at doing this.

But, Touri, looks like a potential Eisa dancer, to me.

Being, he's the son of some close friends, I think we should all get together and chip-in.

We cold buy him a drum, uniform and maybe, some flip-flops.

Then, he could become an official member of an Eisa team !






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