Thursday, August 14, 2014

Just a GIF of a Buncha Dam Birds


This scene occurred while I was at the Kin Dam.

The mission, I was on, had nothing to do with wildlife but, that's what I'd rather be shooting.

There are some egrets in the trees and, a crow flew through, briefly.

It's Not Nice to Go Around Cussing



There are all kinds of special events scheduled for the weekend.

And, I was planning on being busy Friday, Saturday and Sunday, attending them all.

But, it started raining outside. I went and checked the weather online.

5 and 10 day forecasts and several sites, all say the same thing: Rain.  Groan.

Some alternate plans will have to be made, for me and the cameras.

Unless, some of the weather experts, are wrong, all we'll see is rain.

So, you'll have to enjoy these dam birds, until I get a chance to shoot some more.

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