Tuesday, August 5, 2014

End of the Golden Beetle Project: A Short Photo Essay

It Started Early in May



The idea was to find out if the golden bugs had any value.

If they could only have been identified, they might have been worth millions.

golden beetles,GIF

Just look at how many people get their bodies pierced.

Little gold cages could be made and, people who want to be different could wear them.

gold beetles, sweet potato leaf

While waiting for an identification to come through, I collected some, as an investment.

You never know when one of these schemes might pay big dividends.

glass jar,beetle,leaf

They were housed in a glass jar in my office and well fed.

finger,leaf,gold beetle

 Every day, they were let out for fresh air and some exercise.

beetles mating

 Before long, they started mating and crapping all over the place.

glod, beetle, GIF

So, I decided they weren't all that valuable and, let them all run away.

Somebody will have to invent gold bug diapers before that plan will work.

Bring the diapers and golden cages and, we could become partners.

The golden beetles, hang out right near my office.

Don't you want to be a millionaire, too?


Betty Boop said...

What another "GOLDEN" tale you, once again delivered. Very intriguing idea, BTW. . . That "million" portion. . .(Y) ♥ ♥

RyukyuMike said...

Betty, It's so exciting now that some Prine from Nigeria has been trying to contact me over a joint venture. BWWWWUUUHaHaha !