Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Traveling the Islands It's Best to Have a Plan B

The Weatherman Said Rain



We all know, sometimes they are not the sharpest saws in the tool-shed.

So, when we saw the sun shining on the other side of Okinawa, that's where we went.


This spot in Yomitan is a great place for photography.

Someday, I'm gonna get a gal with a kimono to dance out there and take some photos.

GIF,sailboat,ocean,waves,rocks,red-tiled building

When the wind picked up and the skies started turning grey, it was time to move on.

We got caught in a few sprinkles of rain this morning.

So, it was best to think of somewhere else to go with the cameras.

Plan B



We jumped back in the car and headed south.

Senaga Island was where Doc Graff and I, decided to go to check out a five star place.

prime rib,steak,carving,knife

The Ryukyu Onsen Senagajima Hotel has this lunch buffet.

And, it was under 20 bucks, for all you can eat.

Flip-flops and cameras were allowed.

carving steak,GIF

So, we figured, it might be a good place to hangout for awhile.

5 star buffet

Not wanting them to think, I was some kinda low class person, I only ate twice !

Now, I'm too sleepy to develop all the photos but, will get around to them later.

Next, I better pack away the cameras and get out of here.

Or,  I'll never find a gal crazy enough to wear a kimono and dance on those rocks !

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